SMITE promo codes – free gods and skins

SMITE promo codes allow you to redeem a playable God in-game, a skin for a God, a chest roll, and more. There are many ways you can get them, like connecting your social media, console accounts, visiting conventions, and so on. As well through Twitch, Alienware, and convention promotions.

Here you can find all the working and expired SMITE promo codes that are out there as of right now. You can use these codes on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

How can I redeem SMITE promo codes?

Redeeming SMITE promo codes is easy. On your PC:

  1. Open up SMITE.
  2. Click the orange STORE text on the left menu.
  3. Click STORE on the right menu.
  4. Click the Bundles dropdown and select Account.
  5. Click promotional code, enter it, and redeem.
  6. Enjoy. 🎉

Active SMITE promo codes

These are all codes that are confirmed to be working right now.

FINCHFinch Avatar

SMITE social media follow rewards

As we said, you could score some free promo stuff by following SMITE on social media. These are probably the easiest ones to get out there. You have to:

  • Follow on Facebook to unlock Ra god and Solar Eclipse skin.
  • Follow on YouTube to unlock Nu Wa god and Water Dance skin.
  • Follow on Twitter to unlock Artemis god and Stalker skin.
  • Follow on Twitch to get a Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll.

SMITE x Twitch promos

From time to time, SMITE and Twitch will have promos where you get free gods and skins if you have Amazon Prime. You have to connect your Twitch and SMITE accounts. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, though, you won’t be able to redeem them.

To take advantage of all this, just:

  1. Create a Twitch account if you don’t have one and sign up for a trial of Amazon Prime.
  2. Link your Amazon and Twitch accounts to get Twitch Prime.
  3. Link your Hi-Rez Studios and Twitch accounts so you can get credit.
  4. Go to the Twitch promo page, claim the care package, and enjoy! 🎉
Sacred Arrow RamaActiveSacred Arrow Rama Skin
Gummy Worm MedusaExpiredGummy Worm Medusa Skin
Shadow Howler Hun BatzExpiredShadow Howler Hun Batz Skin
Fiendish Rage Cu ChulainnExpiredFiendish Rage Cu Chulainn Skin
Swarm Sentry Ah Muzen CabExpiredSwarm Sentry Ah Muzen Cab Skin
Code Eater BakasuraExpiredCode Eater Bakasura Skin
Cosmic Power AnubisExpiredCosmic Power Anubis Skin
Brimstone CerberusExpiredBrimstone Cerberus Skin
Prince of Darkness Hades BundleExpiredHades
Prince of Darkness Hades Skin
Prince of Darkness Avatar
Prince of Darkness Loading Screen
Prince of Darkness Announcer Pack
Gladiator BundleExpiredThor
Gladiator Thor Skin
Gladiator Music Theme
Gladiator Loading Screen
Gladiator Announcer Pack
Pyre Warrior Drogoz Skin for Paladins
Desert Dragon Neith BundleExpiredNeith
Desert Dragon Neith Skin
Desert Dragon Music Theme
Desert Dragon Loading Screen
Desert Dragon Jump Stamp
Mittens Chicken Skin for Realm Royale
King Arthur Twitch BundleExpiredKing Arthur
Deathbringer King Arthur Skin
King Arthur Cutesy Avatar
King Arthur Loading Screen
King Arthur Announcer Pack
Awesome ChestExpiredAwesome Chest
JT-6000 JanusExpiredJanus
JT-6000 Skin

SMITE x Alienware giveaways

Since 2014, Alienware has been giving away keys for a free Alienware Ra skin. To get it, head over to the official Alienware Arena website and create an account. Click the “GET KEY” button and then redeem the code in SMITE as described above.

Digital Loot Packs from Hi-Rez Expos and SMITE World Championships

If you visit the Hi-Rez Expo (HRX), a SMITE convention organized by Hi-Rez Studios, you’ll be handed a unique promo code just for attendees that let you redeem a Digital Loot Pack. Every year it’s something different. Alternatively, you can pay 1500 games to get them. Likewise, you also get some goodies if you attend the yearly SMITE World Championship (SWC). 😊

HRX/SWC EventRedeemed
HRX 2019 Digital Loot PackGalaxy Shaper Nox
Splyce Jormungandr
Nemean Lion Hercules
Convention 2020 King Arthur
Ouroboros Global Emote
Cosmic Void Recall Skin
Galactic Title
Horus Announcer Pack
Set Announcer Pack
Merlin Announcer Pack
Divine Chest
SWC 2018 Digital Loot PackMystic Defender Neith
SWC 2018 Queen Aphrodite
SWC 2018 King Thor
Convention 2018 Cernunnos
Number One Global Emote
SWC 2018 Recall Skin
SWC 2018 Ward Skin
Divine Chest Roll
750 Fantasy Points
SWC 2017 Digital Loot PackHades Heebee Chibi
SWC 2017 Amaterasu Heroine
SWC 2017 Apollo Hero
Khepri Convention 2017
SWC 2017 Ward Skin
Thundersticks Global Emote
SWC 2017 Recall Effect
Divine Chest Roll
SWC 2016 Digital Loot PackSWC 2016 Zeus
Convention 2016 Anubis
Curse Agni
SWC 2016 Ward Skin
SWC 2016 Fireworks
Divine Chest Roll

Expired SMITE promo codes

These codes were able to be redeemed back in the day, but they now no longer work.

amaterasu1Odyssey chest

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