Best Minecraft floor designs — top 10 floor patterns in 2024

Spruce up all the rooms you build with these beautiful Minecraft floor designs!

Whenever you’re designing something in Minecraft, you might not be thinking about the smaller facets of your build, instead focusing on large, very noticeable things. The smaller things you should pay some attention to because they add some character to your build are the walls and the floors.

We’re here to give you a list of the best Minecraft floor designs so you can give some personality to the various rooms in your base. These designs utilize many different materials to achieve different imagery.

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Quartz lattice floor

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This first design is very good for any luxury builds you have because quartz is a beautiful building block. When you use Quartz Pillars, you get an interesting line pattern on the top of the block, so when you place all of your blocks appropriately, you get a nice lattice pattern that is pleasant to look at.

Terracotta floor

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Moving on, we have one of the best Minecraft floor designs that utilize an underappreciated material – Terracotta. Terracotta blocks are very colorful and can fit very well into any build, but when you use them as flooring, you can get some amazing designs that are amazing to look at. This design in particular uses many different colors of Terracotta to so it looks like a wacky checkerboard.

Beehive floor

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Use this design in any greenhouses or bee cultivating spaces you have around your house. Bees are a new addition to Minecraft, but they are very interesting and fun to be around so you might as well pay some respect to the hard workers and make a whole floor dedicated to them!

Grey basalt floor

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Do you have a smithing room? A place where you can make all of the weapons and tools next to the heat of the forge? Well, in that case, you should consider this floor design so you don’t just have a simple stone floor under you. This design uses Basalt, Blast Furnaces, and Smithing Tables to create a very nice pattern.

Bone floor

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While the ethics about using a bone floor might be a bit fuzzy, that doesn’t mean that this design is any less pleasant to look at. Bone blocks have a circular design in the middle, like some tree types, so when you properly orient them, you get a fantastic pattern with full white and slightly darker circles.

Stripped spruce floor

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Wooden floors can be a bit boring when you’re just using simple planks, so this design aims to freshen up the idea of using wood for flooring by using Stripped Spruce Logs, Spruce Planks, and Spruce Trapdoors. With this, you get a fantastic pattern that fits well into any medieval build.

Shroomlight floor

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When we look for the best Minecraft floor designs, we always try to include some fairly complex designs and out-of-the-box because they tend to be quite unique and great to look at. This design utilizes Shroomlights and different types of stone to create some interesting topography and ambiance with the lighting. It might be a bit complex, but it is very worth it!

Messy floor

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This design incorporates many different types of blocks to give your floor some color on top of looking run-down and shabby, ideal for any builds that require rooms to look old. Think of adventure maps that have special ruins where you can find treasure to progress through the map. If you’re looking for something like that, this floor design is perfect for you!

Cobblestone floor

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Keeping with the run-down aesthetic, this floor design can be used for any temple build you might have. There is a lot of Cobblestone that goes into this floor, and the wear and tear are accentuated by Mossy Cobblestone and Moss Carpet, so it looks even older.

Layered wooden floor

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And finally, we have another wooden floor design that takes advantage of all the different types of wood in Minecraft to create a gradient look. The way the blocks are oriented creates a diagonal design that flows with the room, ideal for anyone looking to improve the look of their cabin or storage space. This just goes to show that the best Minecraft floor designs can use the simplest of materials to create something memorable.

And that would be all when it comes to the best Minecraft floor designs! As we’ve mentioned already, all of these designs are completely unique and there is something for everyone. If you’re ever looking for some games to play that aren’t Minecraft, take a look at the best naval games, best cross-platform games, and the best war games!