Best Minecraft interior design ideas in 2024

Spruce up your favorite rooms with these fantastic design ideas!

Building stuff in Minecraft is incredibly fun because you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want. From spelunking to farming to construction, Minecraft provides us with many different fun things to do. Some players like to do pixel art, while others like to decorate the inside of their project to look as appealing as possible.

Today we’re going to be talking all about Minecraft interior design and all of the ideas that the community has come up with over the years. Interior design is just as important as the external side of things, so you should take some of these ideas as inspiration for your next project!

Whenever you’re building something in the game, you’re going to want to make sure that it is as useful as possible, especially if you’re playing survival mode. To help you survive in the unforgiving world of Minecraft, you might want to take a look at the best Minecraft survival houses and the best food in Minecraft!

Modern living room

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This design is for all of you who like to build modern buildings or skyscrapers, perhaps even a whole city? Most of the motifs you will notice in designs like these are contrasting dark and bright colors, minimalism, and the essentials included efficiently. This design in particular is great for a single living room where you have a TV, chairs, a fireplace, and other little nicknacks that you can add as you need.

Modern bathroom

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You can’t have a modern apartment without having a modern bathroom, right? Well, this design is a perfect fit for the previous entry because it is sleek and satisfying to look at, on top of looking quite realistic despite being a Minecraft design. You have a bath, a shower, a sink, and a toilet, plus you can add whatever you want depending on the vibe you want to set.

Map room

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Having a map room in your medieval fantasy world is great because it adds an extra layer of immersion and is just a fun room to have. This design in particular has a large map on the wall and on the floor, so you can have different perspectives on your world and plan everything accordingly. Check this design out if you want to let your inner cartographer and tactician thrive!

Upgraded enchantment room

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Keeping with Minecraft interior designs that add a bit of practicality to your builds, we now have a very nice-looking enchantment room that has some stained glass to capture the essence of magic, on top of having a basic Enchantment Table with books, so it’s both appealing and practical! Every base should have a room dedicated to enchanting things, and we highly recommend this design!

Portal room

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Just as you should have an enchantment room in your base, you should also have a portal room to house your Nether portal. Something that you’ll notice about this portal room is that the portal immediately pulls your attention toward it, and it looks even better because of the wooden framing around it. This room is proof that a few simple alterations to your room can completely change the experience of entering the Nether.

Beige bedroom

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We’ve had a bathroom, a living room, and now we come to the bedroom. While this bedroom design doesn’t really fit into the aesthetic of the previously mentioned entries, it is still a fantastic design that someone who likes minimalism will appreciate. The entire room has a wooden, sandy feel that reminds you of the desert, but it also has some modern aspects that make it stand out from other rooms.

Stocked kitchen

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Now we come to another area of practicality that should be included in every base you have. When you jam all of your food into the same chest you keep your coal and stone, it doesn’t make too much sense, does it? To fix this issue, you should check out this kitchen design. It is roomy and vibrant, and you can add some more storage space so you can store your food in a clean, safe place. There are some refrigerator designs that you can also use to add even more realism to your kitchen!

Throne room

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This is another one of those designs that fit very well in a fantasy setting, mostly due to the large throne right in the middle of the room. Whenever you build a castle in Minecraft, you’re probably going to end up with a bunch of rooms that serve little to no purpose, so you might as well make it a throne room. Even if it’s just for aesthetics, it still fits well in most places.

Storage room

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Every good-sized house in Minecraft needs a good storage room. This interior design features a very large space with pillars and arches to add a sense of weight to the room. Here, you can stick as many chests as you could ever want and sort them according to what you want to do. We always love when Minecraft interior design has an element of practicality to it, as well as looking great.

Council room

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And finally, we have a design that caters to those of you who like knowledge and the idea of libraries. This design is essentially a reading/library room where you can put a ton of bookshelves and other decorations that make it more visually appealing. It’s awesome for spending time in when you’re waiting for something, either in the game or in real life.

And that’s all we have to say when it comes to Minecraft interior design! We love everything in regards to interior design as well as building in general, and we hope that you can take some inspiration from these designs and put a custom spin on them. If you want to play some games that aren’t Minecraft, take a look at the best naval games, best cross-platform games, and the best war games!