Best food to eat in Minecraft — top 10 food items in 2024

Don't know which foods you should focus on? Here are some tips!

Ever since the hunger bar was added in update 0.12, an extra degree of difficulty was added along with it. Food is a huge part of Minecraft and there is a wide selection of things to eat, but what are the best foods you can get?

To help you choose what to farm, we have prepared this list of the best food in Minecraft. Most food items on this list are easily obtained, so you should not have any issues with farming them or getting your hands on them in the overworld. Time to stuff your face!

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1. Suspicious Stew

The Suspicious Stew has the highest effective quality when it comes to how long it can last, and the great status effects you can get depending on the flowers used are another bonus. It restores 13 food points. To make it, you need a Wooden Bowl, a Brown Mushroom, a Red Mushroom, and any flower you want.

These are the possible effects, depending on the flower you pick:

  • Allium – Fire Resistance
  • Azure Bluet – Blindness
  • Blue Orchid/Dandelion – Saturation
  • Cornflower – Jump Boost
  • Lily of the Valley – Poison
  • Oxeye Daisy – Regeneration
  • Poppy – Night Vision
  • Tulips – Weakness
  • Wither Rose – Wither

2. Rabbit Stew

Another stew! Rabbit Stew is fantastic as general food and it’s perfect when you’re around half hunger and you need to make sure that you won’t go hungry for a while. While the effective quality of this food is nowhere near the Suspicious Stew, it is much more reliable since there are no adverse effects from eating it and you don’t have to be careful when making it. It restores 10 food points.

3. Cooked Porkchop

This is ol’ reliable. Most of the time you’re either going to murder cows or pigs once you spawn into the world because you don’t have an established farm. Cooked Porkchops are very reliable because they provide good saturation as well as a decent amount of food points. It shares the same exact stats with Cooked Beef so you’re not going to make a mistake by choosing one or the other. It restores 8 food points.

4. Golden Carrot

Golden foods are usually very good choices for sustenance, but they do not rank too high on this list because they are so expensive to make, so they’re considered more like luxury items than food items. The Golden Carrot is very reliable and restores a decent amount of food points and has decent effective quality for what it is. It restores 6 food points.

5. Cake

This food item is usually used in multiplayer servers to feed multiple players at once instead of being used by players in survival mode. While it does restore a massive number of food points, it takes a lot of resources to make a single cake, and you only get 7 slices out of it. To make it, you need 3 Buckets of Milk, 2 Sugars, 3 Wheat, and 1 Egg. It restores 14 food points.

6. Cooked Mutton

Cooked Mutton comes from sheep and it’s a bit weaker than Porkchops and Beef, but it is still reliable because of the other resource that sheep provide – Wool. You prepare it the same way as any other meat and is usually quite reliable for a quick snack. It restores 6 food points.

7. Enchanted Golden Apple

Eating golden food is one thing, but eating enchanted golden food is another thing. The Enchanted Golden Apple doesn’t restore many food points (just 4) but it provides some incredible status effects that will completely refresh your character.

Here are the status effects you can get from this food:

  • Regeneration II for 20 seconds
  • Regeneration IV for 30 seconds
  • Absorption IV for 2 minutes
  • Resistance for 5 minutes
  • Fire resistance for 5 minutes

8. Pumpkin Pie

This, like the Cake, is another food item that takes a bit more effort to make, but it is so useful because it restores a good amount of food points on top of having good effective quality. To make it, you need a Pumpkin, Sugar, and an Egg. See? Doesn’t take too much! It restores 8 food points.

9. Bread

Bread is one of the most reliable food items because of how easy it is to make it. You don’t have to make flour or anything, you don’t have to wait for it to proof or bake it, all you have to do is place 3 bushels of Wheat into a crafting table and you get Bread. Since you can get a ton of Wheat in a short period, you should always have a supply of bread on hand, just in case. It restores 5 food points.

10. Cooked Cod

Any type of fish is great when you cook it, so we’re just going to mention Cod as an example. You can spend a few days fishing and acquire a decent amount of fish to keep your stomach full for a long time. Fishing takes almost no effort and it’s quite fun, so you might as well establish a little fishing empire for some extra food. It restores 5 food points.

That is all we have to say about the best food in Minecraft. As you can see, all of these items can be relatively easily attained in the overworld, just to make sure that you never run out of food. We also have some content concerning games that aren’t Minecraft, so you should take a look at the best WW2 games, best naval games, and the best free PC games!