Best Minecraft bed designs — top 10 cool ideas in 2024

Make all of your nights a bit more comfortable with these cool Minecraft bed designs!

Customizing your base in Minecraft is a very personal experience because you’re the one who has built it from the ground up. The design is yours, original, and wholly unique. Eventually, you’re going to have to go room by room and fix everything up bit by bit, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Speaking of bedrooms, the core aspect of a bedroom is having a bed to sleep in. It’s in the name! To help you complete all of your rooms from here on out, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft bed designs. Feel free to take some inspiration from these and get cozy!

Minecraft is an amazing game with a ton of content to explore, and well always try to bring you all of the latest Minecraft info to help you enjoy the game as much as possible. If you want to perfect even more aspects of your builds, we highly recommend you take a look at the best Minecraft floor designs and the best Minecraft wall designs!

Sleek bed

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Kicking this list off is a bed that many people aspire to get in their lives, mostly because of the simplistic, minimalist design and extremely satisfying visual appeal. This bed has more than enough space to lie down however you want, and it fits very well into many modern designs. The primary resource you’re going to need is Quartz, so this bed is by no means cheap, but completing it is more than worth it!

Aquarium bed

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Aquariums are always a great thing to have in your base, regardless of the theme of your base. This bed design is very simplistic, with a black carpet under the bed and some nice-looking decorations behind the bed that encompass the aquarium perfectly. We value creativity when looking for the best Minecraft bed designs, and this bed stands tall as one that is cool and unforgettable!


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Mushrooms are a very cute aspect of Minecraft, and this mushroom-themed bed is awesome for any Minecraft cottagecore or mushroom house. This bed has a wooden frame that makes it look more snug and sturdy, and the decorations around it add even more to the ambiance, vastly improving the whole design.

Gravestone bed

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Creepy designs are awesome when you use them during the proper season, particularly during Halloween, and this bed design is guaranteed to creep out anyone who decides to join your room or visit your house on a server. While the outside appearance of this bed is just a coffin peeking out of the ground, there is actually a normal bed underneath the wood that you can use normally.

Cute bed

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The next design is great for all of you who like bright colors and colorful themes for your houses. If you have a bright room that needs a bed, you can use this pink bed to tie everything together. The best Minecraft bed designs do not have to be too complicated to be good, and this bed serves as a perfect representation of that!

Dark bed

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Now we get to a bed design that is great to put into any bedrooms you have in your custom Minecraft castles. The design is made of Blackstone for the majority, aside from some other blocks you can find in the Nether. There is a skull decorating the upper portion of the bed, and you have some cool chains going to each corner of the bed, for added ambiance.

Zen bed

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This next design is fairly minimalist, using only a white bed for the main design, but it also incorporates some wood to create a platform to walk on. It also has some nice foliage underneath the bed to add a feeling of nature to the general feeling of the room. Aside from what we’ve mentioned, you should also include some other small decorations to make your mark and make the room yours.

Enclosed bed

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Everyone loves to have their privacy, and this bed does that wonderfully. It is a basic bed with a bunch of additional wooden framing and some curtains that go around the long side of it. Even though these curtains have gaps bigger than American bathroom stalls, they are still very nice to look at and provide you with a sense of royalty. Consider this design if you have a temple build and want something interesting.

Elevated bed

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Moving on, we have a bed design that makes space conservation a priority, elevating your bed into a mini loft while also including a small desk for reading and writing right underneath it. If you have a server with a large school or university, this bed design is great for any dorms you might have, since it both saves up space and makes everything look awesome!

College bed

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And for the final design, we have another bed that focuses on making your life easier and saving even more space. While the previous entry takes up a very small amount of space, this design is actually a bit bigger, but it provides you with more space to sit and enjoy yourself, and that is very important with beds of this theme.

That would be all when it comes to the best Minecraft bed designs! We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for. If you happen to be looking for new games aside from bed designs, you might want to take a look at the best horse games, best tank games, and the best cross-platform games!