Best Minecraft dock ideas in 2024

Never crash your boat into an island again! Try out these dock designs for something new!

Docks are an integral part of building anything related to sailing and fishing in Minecraft because when you have nowhere to put your boat after you’re done with it, the general feeling can be a bit empty. These structures add more life to your world and your projects, and that is the most important part of immersion and enjoyment.

We’re going to go over some of the best Minecraft dock ideas that you can implement into your world. These docks go from massive undertakings fit for many boats to small points where you can lash your boat and forget about it.

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Fishing dock

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Right at the beginning, we have the fishing dock, something that probably comes to mind once someone mentioned the word dock. This design features a few small docks connected to a medium-sized structure that is meant to be a fishing platform, as well as a storage room. Overall, this design is amazing because it encompasses everything that a dock should be and looks fantastic on top of that.

Simple dock

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This dock serves exclusively as a small thing to add to your world for some charm and flavor. It has a rickety design that has some planks spread out evenly, just like the classic imagery of docks in general. Whether this dock is used for fishing, docking your boat, or just for looking at it, it’s a perfect addition to your world.

Electronic dock

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This is one of the best Minecraft dock ideas around because it achieves so much while looking awesome! There is some Redstone wiring here, as well as a whole bunch of engineering that enables this dock to automatically remove boats from the water and dispense them back into the water when you need them. It’s a fantastic concept that is excellent for anyone looking for something innovative.

Dark Oak dock

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Moving on, we have a very creative dock design that features some nice architecture that is satisfying to look at. It has a glass roof that fits well into the general Dark Oak structure, allowing light to get inside and make the whole dock a bit warmer. It has enough space for multiple boats, as well as ample space for general fishing. Because of this, it both looks good and works well for its intended purpose.

House dock

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This dock is meant to be attached to any house that you build near a body of water. It’s very simplistic and you can change the types of wood you use so it matches the house you build. One of the most important things about the best Minecraft docks is that they fulfill their purpose and look awesome no matter where they are. This one is great for keeping a boat in the bay or for fishing, it’s all up to you.

Entire harbor

Moving on, we have a harbor design that takes up a lot of space, but it is an amazing project to take on no matter what. There is a distinct bold architectural style that is great to look at, and you can place as many boats there as you want to. The main thing about this design is that it takes inspiration from medieval architecture, which is another plus.

Modern dock

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This is the first modern design that has a drastically different appearance compared to the other docks featured on this list. The main color is white with some special undertones, and it’s perfect for when you want to build a yacht or two. Build this bad boy next to a modern city and you have the full package!

Merchant docks

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You might find some similarities between these docks and the docks featured in the God of War: Ragnarok trailer. In the trailer, when Kratos and Boi dock their boat, they are suddenly surrounded by people and merchants and everything is brimming with life. This dock design takes some inspiration from that, with functional docks at the edge of the water, and with some merchant shops once you climb up the platform that is in the structure of the docks.

Tanker dock

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This is one of the biggest builds you can take on in Minecraft. For these docks, you’re not going to be docking your little boats there, instead, you’re just going to be looking at these massive tankers that are part of the build. If you’re a fan of cities in Minecraft and want to add some epic docks at the edge of it, this design is perfect. The best Minecraft dock ideas don’t always have to be simple, sometimes they can just be epic and huge.

Warehouse dock

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There is a notable aspect of utility in this dock design since it is attached to a giant warehouse. This is perfect if you tend to go exploring across the ocean and have a ton of different resources with you, and you want to store them as soon as you get back. It’s quite colorful and vibrant due to the contrasting colors of stone and wood, and we highly recommend you try this one out!

Now you have all of the knowledge you need to take your boat out and bring it back to a safe place! We love all of these dock ideas because they’re so innovative and awesome. Also, we sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for! If you want to play some other games that aren’t Minecraft, take a look at the best naval games, best WW2 games, and the best tank games!