Best Minecraft underwater bases — top 10 cool ideas

Explore the terrifying depths and establish a great Minecraft underwater base with these ideas!

Bases are always super fun to build, mostly because they are huge and can fit everything you would ever need in the world in one space. You have many different types of bases in Minecraft, ranging from large wooden fortresses and castles to creative, hard-to-reach bases.

The type of bases that we will be talking about today is the best Minecraft underwater bases. These are notorious because players usually have the idea that anything underwater is very hard to build, but the community has come up with some fantastic ways of limiting the difficulty of building underwater bases.

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Modern underwater base

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The very first base we’re going to be telling you about is not completely underwater, unfortunately. However, it is great for those of you who love to use boats to travel between bases because it can also be expanded to include a small dock to stash your boat. Most of the base is white with glass windows for some nice light penetration, and it looks like a modern New York apartment while also being quite functional for all your needs.

Wooden base

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This next design doesn’t make too much sense as far as physics is concerned, but it is still a fantastic idea for those of you who like to keep things simple. The wooden base features a wooden platform that sits on the surface of the water that you can go through to access the rest of the house. Once you get down there, you will notice that the inside is very dry and cozy, with plenty of windows so you can appreciate all of the marine wildlife around you!

Massive underwater base

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Now we get to the fun stuff! When we think of the best Minecraft underwater bases, we imagine these huge undertakings that any other player would be envious of. This base is exactly that since it features quadrants with plenty of space to store your resources and anything else you might need. When it comes to the general look of the base, it looks very modern and reinforced so you feel more than safe when you’re down there.

Marsh base

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No one said that these underwater bases need to be in the ocean, did they? Exactly. This base is designed to be used in shallow water, most often little lakes and marshes so you can easily access it. The defining features of this base are some wooden debris and torches above the base, with the actual base in a hole in the ground. The ceiling is made of glass and the interior can be customized as you wish, just like most designs on this list.

Pyramid base

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Pyramids are very fun to build in Minecraft because you can freely scale them up and customize them as you wish so they fit different time periods. This iteration of a pyramid build is designed to fit underwater, and half of it is made of glass so you can see the beauty of the ocean outside. The inside is meant to look like an ancient pyramid where you can find tons of treasure, and there is more than enough space to fit everything you have.

Underwater pods

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This design is fairly similar to the massive underwater base we’ve mentioned before, except instead of four pods, it has two. There is a little beacon on the top of the base you can use to get inside, which is both cool and innovative. Because of a design like this, you do not have any risk of water destroying everything you own. Once you get down into the actual base, you will notice that it is completely stocked with all of the rooms you could need, from enchantments to smithing. This is exactly what you should look for in the best Minecraft underwater bases.

Small underwater hole-house

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There is a distinct contrast between building a small house on the side of a giant mountain and carving out a small bubble for yourself in the deepest depths. The latter is fascinating because you can have a large window that looks out into the vast ocean depths as you manage your resources in this small, cozy room. The inside of this base has everything you could need, and the access point is a very interesting bit of design, as well.

Underwater puck

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This next design we have is very unique when it comes to its shape, resembling a hockey puck with a distinct marine theme to it. The main colorway we have here is teal, creating a frame around the puck with the outside edges covered in glass for you to see outside. You drop into the base through a chute that is connected to the ceiling of the base, making it very convenient and fun to do! We highly recommend this base if you’re looking for something simple, yet functional.

Marine cube

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Moving on, we now have a design that is essentially just a cube underwater. The design is made of a wooden frame that is completed with glass windows all around it, making it look sleek and pleasant. The design is very functional as well since you can easily make a house on the water and build this as an extension for it, just under the surface. We love this design because it looks amazing and accomplishes its goal of being a useful base.

River base

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And finally, we have a base that takes some inspiration from the very first entry on this list, with it being quite modern and sleek, ideal for placing in a river bed as an outpost or a full-blown base. The most defining characteristic of this base is its unique design and the functionality that the creator envisioned when they were designing the base.

Underwater bases are always fun to build and we love talking about them because they are an extremely unique approach to Minecraft base-building that is fairly hard to get right. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that the next base you build takes some inspiration from these here. If you want to play more games, feel free to take a look at the best WW2 games, best naval games, and the best horse games!