Best Minecraft villager jobs in 2024

Don't know what the best villagers to trade with are? Here's some insight!

Naturally-occurring villages are one of the best things you can find in Minecraft because they usually yield very high-quality resources that you can steal with no consequences. While the resources you can get from the houses/farms of the village are very useful, most people sleep on the fact that villagers are another great way of obtaining resources.

To help you get the most out of each village you find, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft villager jobs. Each villager has a chance to spawn with a certain profession, and when you interact with them, they will offer their services in return for payment like Emeralds.

This topic is something that is most prevalent in the base version of Minecraft, but if you want to spruce things up, you can always take a look at the best Minecraft modpacks and the best Minecraft Fabric mods.


The Armorer is the villager that inhabits the blacksmith’s house in most villages, and in this house, you can find Iron early in the game. However, when you talk to an Armorer in a village, you can trade your Emeralds with them to get armor and other useful items. A common theme among all villagers is that they will level up the more you trade with them, and this guy is one of the best!


The Farmer is a very interesting villager that will take different types of food in return for Emeralds, but as he levels up, he will request Emeralds from the player in return for food. The more he levels up, the better the food gets, eventually getting to Suspicious Stew, which can give you some interesting status effects!


Moving on, we have the Cleric. This villager is concerned with all things brewing and enchanting. Trading with this villager gives you valuable enchantment/brewing materials so you can cook up some awesome potions and improve your gear. Progressing your relationship with this villager will eventually net you a Bottle o’ Enchanting which is massively useful for anyone.


Being a Fletcher is one of the best Minecraft villager jobs because this guy is only concerned with bows and arrows, so deepening your professional relationship with this villager is a very smart move if you’re looking for some heavy-hitting artillery in the late game. At the later stages of the villager’s profession, you can expect to get Enchanted Crossbows and Tipped Arrows, which is a massive plus.


And finally, we have the Librarian. The immediate reason you might assume that this guy is useful is the fact that he will trade you Enchanted Books for Emeralds at various points in his career, which is great when you want a specific enchantment but don’t want to go through all of your Lapis Lazuli looking for it. The books he gives you are random, but at least you’re not wasting resources.

There you have it! The best Minecraft villager jobs to look out for when you next encounter a village. These professions are great at various stages of the game so you can be on top of your caliber at all times. If you’re ever looking for games that aren’t Minecraft, we highly recommend you take a look at the best naval games, best war games, and the best tank games!