Best Minecraft 1.17 seeds — Java & Bedrock

We've been playing Minecraft 1.17 for a while now, and we're excited to share some of our favorite Minecraft seeds with you!

In Minecraft, most of the time when you start a new world, you will get a random seed and a random world. But, what are Minecraft seeds? Seeds are essentially the information that the game prints out when the world is generated. Since the game is so popular, there have been millions of seeds loaded across many users, with some being quite unique in their own way.

For you to discover fantastic worlds and explore them as you see fit, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft 1.17 seeds. These seeds range in complexity from completely unique biomes to good seeds for speedrunning, so there is something for everyone.

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Coast Village — 2083747154327962073 (Java)

This seed is great when you want to establish a solid base for yourself as you will spawn near a coastal village that just happens to have the wreck of a ship nearby, so it looks like it just sailed there.

For players who like to build and maintain a base, this seed might prove to be ideal since you can build upon the wreck of the ship, establishing your own marina. Quite exciting, when you think about it.

Hill Taiga Village — 5694368681594500133 (Java)

In this seed, you will spawn near a very unique sight: a partially-formed mountain that looks like a massive pillar complete with a small village at the top. It even features some waterfalls running down the sides of it, adding to the beauty of the landscape.

The randomness of seeds in Minecraft can be phenomenal, and this seed is clear proof of that. You can claim the village as your own, of course, and establish your own base, safe in the clouds.

Seed: -5694368681594500133 (Java version)

Thousand Islands — 3389627839631903020 (Java)

One of the loneliest seeds we have here, the Thousand Islands seed spawns you on a small island in the middle of the ocean, with no real way of reaching land. There are many more islands scattered around, but they are quite a ways away, and getting to them might prove difficult. Since you spawn on top of a village here, you will have a small advantage, but getting to the other islands is a fantastic condition for a challenging playthrough!

Seed: -3389627839631903020 (Java version)

Speedrun — 4530634556500121041 (Java)

Sometimes, it can be a real wonder what you can come across in Minecraft’s random generation, but this one is special even in that regard. The Speedrun Seed will spawn you next to a village with a blacksmith, where you can net yourself some obsidian blocks, as well as a house with 4 beds, which will be important when you reach the End.

The cherry on top is that you have a partially ruined Nether portal that you can reconstruct with the obsidian you so luckily found. While a speedrun done with this seed is not valid, it is still a great way of practicing speedrunning techniques for future reference.

Seed: –4530634556500121041 (Java version)

Massive Desert — 1297970985505311939 (Java)

This seed is ideal for people who like sand. Literally. That’s the only thing here. You spawn on a small patch of green and the only thing you can see in either direction is a desert biome. Now, that might seem daunting, but you can accomplish great things in biomes like this since you can use all of the sand to your advantage and build some temples and bases. The whole world is at your disposal, make use of it!

Seed: 1297970985505311939 (Java version)

Rare Biomes — 25836763 (Bedrock)

The freedom to choose the biomes you want to go to is always an important part of Minecraft, and this seed spawns you on top of three very rare biomes — a mega taiga, mesa, and a jungle biome. With this excellent selection, you are free to approach the biomes in any way you see fit and use their potential to the maximum. A fun little seed for some variety!

Seed: 25836763 (Bedrock version)

Mushroom Island — 4344633995751933050 (Java)

Speaking of rare biomes, we can’t skip the mushroom island! Mushroom Fields are incredibly rare, so you’ll see why this seed is special. Not only does it spawn you in the fields, but you can also find a huge mansion right next to them. The mansion can be used as a home or a base of operations, and it doubles as a village so you can get a very strong start if you intend to play this seed.

Seed: 4344633995751933050 (Java version)

Forest Village — 1777181425785 (Java)

This is one of the best seeds if you’re looking for a head start when you just get into your world. It will spawn you next to a quaint little village with a great view of a unique mountain in the distance. You get a place to make a base, resources right off the bat, and a reliable reference point in case you ever get lost. What more can you ask for?

Seed: 1777181425785 (Java version)

Barren Island — 4199716164182889661 (Java)

This seed is quite similar to the Thousand Island seed we’ve mentioned previously, but this one is a bit different. While the prior spawns you directly on a useful village, this one is completely barren. No trees, so you can’t craft tools properly, and you’re supposed to find land somehow. In the distance, you can see another island, but the real challenge comes from figuring out how to get there. There is an ocean monument somewhere underwater, that might help you…

Seed: -4199716164182889661 (Java version)

Blacksmiths Galore — 2479804741729234404 (Java)

Another excellent survival seed, this one will spawn you at a village that has two blacksmiths, doubling your potential weapons and resources. If that wasn’t enough, the village also has a ruined Nether portal close by, that you can complete by simply gathering a few resources, quickly granting you access to the Nether! When it comes to starting with an advantage, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Seed: -2479804741729234404 (Java version)

How to use seeds in Minecraft

Finding seeds is easy. We have already given you some great examples. But to use a seed in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft
  2. Create a new world
  3. In the Seed input, paste your desired seed from this list and tweak any settings you might want
  4. Start the game

And that’s it! If you’re running the proper editions of Minecraft, creating a world like this will 100% place you in the same conditions we described, so you can just jump into the action!

And that will be all for our list of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.17. If you’re an avid gamer that wants to branch out into more directions, you might want to try something else, like the best mobile games, best crafting games, and the best detective games. There is something for everyone here, so feel free to take a look!