How many people play Brawl Stars? — 2024 statistics

Brawl Stars is a knockout in the numbers game.

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December 12, 2018

Brawl Stars hit the gaming scene with a bang in 2018, thanks to Supercell’s unique blend of MOBA action and hero shooter fun. But before going worldwide, they tested the waters with a pretty long trial run. Now, everyone’s curious about how many people play Brawl Stars. When you check out all the cool facts and Brawl Stars statistics, you can see just how big a splash it’s making in the gaming world. After this, if you still crave some more facts and figures, then check out our piece about video games industry statistics for some shocking insights.

Brawl Stars user statistics

In Brawl Stars, victory hinges on players’ quick reflexes and strategic thinking, not just luck. Whether battling solo or in 3v3s, participants must master their moves and outwit opponents. This intense gameplay hooks many, raising curiosity about the Brawl Stars player count as people seek to understand the game’s widespread appeal.

Brawl Stars has reached 324 million lifetime downloads.

(Source: Pocket Gamer)

  • Six months after its release in 2018, Brawl Stars had already been downloaded 100 million times.
  • The game saw a 4.5 times increase after sponsoring Mr Beast’s event.
  • In six days after the release of the video, 1.4 million new installs were registered. The United States was leading with 263,000 downloads.
  • When the game was released in China in June 2020, it was downloaded 4.8 million times.
  • In 2020, Brawl Stars already boasted 204.3 million lifetime downloads. Russia proved to be at the top with 22.5 million installs (11%), followed by Brazil (9.2%) and the United States (7.6%).

After leaving its soft launch phase, Brawl Stars went on to enjoy a high and fast rate of downloads. After almost a year in beta, word had quite spread about the game and all the changes it experienced made people curious as to what the final version would look like. Even if Supercell had to deal with a new genre, they clearly gave the players what they wanted. Then again, the studio released a game that was open to everyone and really took the mobile community into consideration. If Supercell can generate huge numbers from a spin-off of an existing game (Clash Royale with Clash of Clans), there is no way they would not score with a new, unique concept.

Over 10 million players pre-registered before the game was officially released globally.

(Source: Pocket Gamer)

  • 5 million users pre-registered in just one day.
  • During soft launch, the game was downloaded 3 million times and still grossed around $6.5 million.

Supercell’s games are always eagerly expected, as the studio is well known for polishing its products. Brawl Stars is no exception and its long period in beta state only served to inflate that expectation. Not only did it bring an astounding number of pre-registrations, but it also generated a lot of money, considering the fact that the game was not actually ready for consumption, based on Supercell’s standards.

Brawl Stars key statistics

With such success, everyone is a bit curious about topics focused on revenues, profits, the number of downloads, and more information around the game itself.

Brawl Stars has generated a total of $1.4 billion since its launch in 2017.

(Source: Pocket gamer)

  • The United States ranks first as the biggest spender with $209.7 million. It is followed by South Korea and Germany.
  • The game grossed more than $63 million in its first month (December 2018). Revenue from the United States accounted for $16.5 million, and players were spending almost $2 million per day.
  • Six months after its global/official launch in 2018, Brawl Stars had accumulated $275 million in player spending.

The prolific studio Supercell is back with another success with Brawl Stars. Even if it is an overly simplified MOBA borrowing several codes, Brawl Stars is a hybrid that found its audience. The game is Supercell’s fifth title surpassing the $1 billion threshold. Profit is solely generated through a freemium business model, meaning that the game is free, and can be enjoyed without spending a cent, but for those willing to do so, it is possible to indulge in in-app purchases. In Brawl Star’s case, those include the premium version of the battle pass and gems (the hard currency) that allows you to buy loot boxes and Gold (the soft currency). The monetization in Brawl Stars depends on the player’s motivation, making it less aggressive than Clash Royale, another Supercell’s successful title.

Brawl Stars usage statistics

Time to take a closer look at how the community consumes the game. Brawl Stars has a tight bond with its player base. They are pretty accessible on several social media platforms (Twitter being the most active), but also on Twitch and YouTube. It makes it easier for devs to gauge the feedback and for players to share their worries or compliments. There is always something in the oven for the Brawlers!

Fang is the best Brawler in Brawl Stars with a win rate of 73%, but a use rate of .04%.

(Source: Brawltime)

  • Meg is the second-best Brawler with a win rate of 65.2% (1.19% for use rate) and she is followed by Lola with 64.6% and 2.34% in use rate.
  • Grom placed fourth with a win rate of 63.2, ex aequo with Ash. However, Grom’s use rate is 2.66% compared to Ash’s 1.06%. Nita rounds off this top 5 with 62.4% (1.38% in use rate).

Brawlers can be randomly obtained in the different loot boxes and therefore, your roster does not always look the way you wanted at the beginning. Collecting Brawlers and leveling them up is one of the pleasures players enjoy. Even if they are at the top spot, we can see that Lola and Grom are particularly appreciated by players. 

The best team in Brawl Stars is composed of Grom, Grom… and Grom, as this trio won 3,900 matches.

(Source: Brawltime)

  • The second-best team is a combination of Frank, Jacky, and Poco with 2,400 wins. They are followed by Gene, Sandy, and Tara and their 2,000 wins.
  • With a total of 1,700 victories, two teams share the fourth spot: team Nani/Piper/Tick and team Gene/Mortis/Tara. The last spot in the top 5 also consists of 2 teams with 1,500 wins: team Bo/Colonel Ruffs/Mortis and team Brock/Nani/Piper.

Here are the most used teams for the most popular mode in the game: the 3v3 ranked matches. Each player controls a different Brawler, which means that there is a need for balance, but also strategy and good communication between team members. Even if the top combo lacks the diversity of the other teams in that list! But, Grom seems to be a fantastic character, as he also placed second in Best Star Powers.

Brawl Stars eSports statistics

It all started in a restaurant/bar where the devs held a mini-tournament between a lucky few. It was nothing big, but it captivated everyone, even the waiters. That is when they understood that Brawl Stars had the potential for eSports. And why not? The game is fast, clean, and provides a smooth user experience and an uninterrupted play with constant progress. It is not the biggest circuit out there, but it is one worth looking into.

The biggest prize pool in a tournament reached a total of $1 million.

(Source: Liquipedia)

  • It was the prize money for two tournaments: the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020 & 2021.
  • The grand total of prize money awarded amounts to $4.4 million.
  • Breaking it down, it means that $2.9 million was won in online competitions, $513K in offline ones and $1 million in competitions combining both. 

Brawl Stars is still new on the eSports scene but had a fairly wonderful start in the industry. The game was made for that with its gameplay, potential for entertainment, and the need to work in a team. Those make rather compelling elements when taking into account an audience. It adds another stone to the altar of mobile games making for good eSports, and the professional scene is thriving steadily.

Japan dominates the top 5 players with the highest earnings.

(Source: Liquipedia)

  • Tensai is #1 with a total of $120,800. He is followed by Mameshi and Achapi with $101,200.
  • sitetampo is #3 with $96,400 while #4, SkYRiiKZZ, shows a total of $65,134.
  • The last player on the list, CoupDeAce, has earned a total of $63,050.

SkYRiiKZZ from Austria and CoupDeAce from Singapore break the Japanese supremacy in the list, which shows a lot of diversity afterward. The Japanese players are all part of ZETA DIVISION, a local eSports organization with teams in other tournaments such as Valorant, PUBG or even Wild Rift. Fun fact: the two eSports teams attached to the PSG and the AC Milan also field in Brawl Stars.

The Japanese ZETA DIVISION team has the highest earnings at $633K.

(Source: Liquipedia)

  • INTZ is second with $306K and SK Gaming is third with $298K.
  • Tribe Gaming ($280K) and PSG eSports ($275K) managed to occupy the last two spots of that Top 5.

We already talked about ZETA DIVISION and the eSports team affiliated with the PSG soccer team. INTZ is Brazilian and fields teams in mostly big licenses, Brawl Stars being the smallest tournaments they take part in. SK Gaming, one of the biggest eSports organizations and the biggest in Europe, is pretty well known with its international roster (SkYRiiKZZ is actually part of it). Tribe Gaming is North American and competes only in mobile gaming tournaments. It was created by a gamer/influencer with huge faith in what mobile gaming could do (and he was not wrong).

To sum up

Brawl Stars is another smashing success coming from the productive Finnish studio Supercell, and one they did not see coming. It certainly cements the fact the studio is a reference in mobile gaming and that they know how it works and what kind of audience they should target. Creating a MOBA game for mobile devices is no easy task. Not when the master of the genre itself, League of Legends, decides to also throw itself in the competition.  But its simplified system, mixing up to three different genres, did the trick: Supercell mastered its equation.

The game attracts a wide and diversified audience: from teenagers aged 13 to 17 to mature adults well settled in their finances or even seniors of 50+ years of age. Brawl Stars is a community where being 30 years old will not mean that you are a boomer. Plus, the community is actually non-problematic. But we rarely saw Supercell’s communities being a problem. The game is still pretty young and has, obviously, several good years waiting to happen. It will also most certainly help to establish the important space mobile gaming is now occupying in the video game industry.


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