Fashion Famous codes (June 2024) — lots of free outfits

With our spectacular Fashion Famous codes list, you'll always be serving up the season's hottest looks!

If you think you have what it takes to put together fashionable ensembles in the quickest possible time then you are going to love Fashion Famous on Roblox. The game is all about serving the hottest looks and creating a strong fashion statement to impress the judges.

You compete against other players and try to look your best by putting together your character’s outfits, accessories and make-up in order to vow the judging panel. To give you the best chance of blowing them away we’ve compiled this awesome Fashion Famous codes guide to give you updated codes for freebies!

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Active Fashion Famous codes

  • B3ARYW4RM — Polar Bear Scarf
  • BR4NCH35 — Decorated Branches
  • ELF3D — Jolly Elf Hat
  • GOGGL3S — Santa Goggles
  • H4TAG11 — Knit Animal Hood
  • M1NTYFR3SH — Peppermint Top Hat
  • ORN4T3M — Ornament Bobbers
  • SN1WM4N — Wintery Hat
  • XM4SH41R — Xmas Tree Hair
  • 2G1NG3R2 — Gingerbread Man Top
  • 1G1NG3R1 — Gingerbread Man Pants
  • H4RT — Heart Eyes
  • M3RMA1D — Bubbly Mermaid
  • P4ND4 — Panda Face
  • DR3SS3D — Holiday Dress
  • LVM3 — Love Me by Kiouhei Outfit
  • LVRBY — Lover Boy by Mockerby Outfit
  • R1ENY8 — Festive Deer Outfit
  • SU1T3D — Holiday Suit
  • W1NT3R1 — Pink Maid by Kio Outfit
  • 4FOXY1 — Foxy Scarf

Expired Fashion Famous codes

Luckily, there are no expired Fashion Famous codes! Isn’t that awesome?

What are Fashion Famous codes?

Fashion Famous codes are redeemable numbers, words or phrases that give players access to free outfits, accessories and other goodies that help make the game interesting and keep players motivated. Bookmark this page to stay updated with all the latest freebie drops.

How to redeem Fashion Famous codes

It’s super easy to redeem Fashion Famous codes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Fashion Famous
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the right
  3. Enter an active code in the space given
  4. Press the arrow button
  5. Enjoy all the free goodies!

That’s it, fashionistas! Everything we could tell you about Fashion Famous codes. Also, if you guys want to explore some interesting facts and figures about the Roblox platform, head on over to our Roblox statistics article to gain some great insight!