Roblox outfit — how to delete a Roblox outfit

It's time for spring cleaning! Get rid of any unnecessary items from your inventory.

As you play online games that have some sort of collectible item system, you’re bound to stock up on both useful and unnecessary items that clutter your inventory. These aren’t useful, so for the sake of space and managing everything properly, you should consider deleting your extra items every once while. This true for almost any game like this, but how does one manage items on Roblox?

To this end, we are here to help you. Roblox can sometimes be a complicated game when it comes to item management, so you can use the advice you find here to help you the next time you ask yourself: “How to delete a Roblox outfit?” The whole process is straightforward, as there are only a few steps you need to follow in the user interface, so you don’t have to worry!

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How to delete outfits in Roblox

The whole process of deleting outfits, as well as other items is summed up in a few steps. All you need to do is take a few minutes to choose what you don’t want anymore.

  1. From your desktop, go to the official Roblox website
  2. Log into your Roblox account
  3. Go to Account Options
  4. Click on Avatar
  5. Click on Costumes
  6. Click on the gear icon under any outfit you don’t need
  7. Click Delete

That’s it! The whole process explained in a compact, easy-to-absorb format. We’re sure that you will eventually accumulate more items that you might not need, so you can always come back here to check the steps if you’re not so sure. If you’re still interested in more Roblox info, you can take a look at our Roblox statistics and facts article!