How to get diamonds in Roblox Islands

Here are all of the ways of getting diamonds in the ever-popular Roblox Islands!

Roblox Islands is a very popular game where the goal is to build your own island and manage it to create a sustainable environment full of animals, trees, crops, and even a mining system! While you play this popular Roblox game, you will have to option of finding ore deep in the earth. These ore stones can be mined so you can get some valuable resources.

The most valuable resource by far is diamonds. Diamonds are an extremely rare ore that occasionally spawns deep in the earth or drops from mobs. Players place a very high value on this resource, as many things are available to you once you acquire them. We’ll tell you exactly how to get diamonds in Roblox Islands easily.

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How and where to get diamonds in Roblox Islands

As it currently stands, you can only get diamonds in two ways. The first is the most obvious, and it is mining them when they spawn naturally in the Diamond Mines. This can be a cumbersome task, as diamonds have a 0.25-.05% chance of spawning in the cave, so you can mine for a long time before you find one. They come in the form of a smallish boulder with diamonds sticking out of it, so you won’t miss it when you come across one.

The second, more exciting option is summoning Kor. Kor is a giant stone boss monster that can be spawned deep within the Diamond Mines. He follows the slow, but heavy-hitting trope that stone monsters follow, so you should be careful when fighting him. Oh, and he has 9001 health, too. Once you manage to defeat him, he has a guaranteed chance to drop some items, plus a smaller chance for random drops. Here’s what he can drop upon death:

  1. 2500 Combat XP
  2. 2500 Weapon XP
  3. 4 Diamond Rocks – 100% chance
  4. Diamond Mines Portal Shard – 0.5% chance
  5. Mysterious Fragment #2 – 5% chance
  6. Kor Pet Spawn Egg – 0.33% chance
  7. Red Jukebox Disk – 0.35% chance
  8. Yellow Jukebox Disk – 0.35% chance
  9. Blue Jukebox Disk – 0.35% chance
  10. Green Jukebox Disk – 0.1% chance
  11. Purple Jukebox Disk – 0.1% chance
  12. Orange Jukebox Disk – 0.1% chance

Those are all of the ways you can get diamonds in Roblox Islands reliably. Keep in mind that if you want to fight Kor multiple times, you can only summon him every 90 minutes. We sincerely hope that you have found this helpful and informative, and we urge you to check out Roblox promo codes for some more free items.