How many copies did Rise of the Ronin sell? — 2024 statistics

A blade above the rest in a quest through history's shadows.

Release Date
March 22, 2024
Action role-playing
Team Ninja

In the highly competitive landscape of video game releases, Rise of the Ronin stands out as one of the most anticipated titles, promising to deliver an immersive experience set in the tumultuous Bakumatsu period of Japan. As the gaming community eagerly awaits its launch, there’s significant interest in Rise of the Ronin statistics, including Rise of the Ronin sales, development costs, and projected revenue.

Rise of the Ronin sales targets are set at 5 million units by Team Ninja.

(Source: GamingBolt)

  • Achieving 5 million sales would position Rise of the Ronin as very successful commercially based on sales of similar games.
  • Releasing initially as a PS5 exclusive could limit the game’s sales potential by not being multiplatform. 
  • However, the game possibly coming to PC later could help it surpass the 5 million unit sales target.

Team Ninja has set an ambitious sales target of 5 million units for Rise of the Ronin. Hitting 5 million sales would be considered very successful based on similar titles. But the samurai genre is becoming increasingly crowded with popular games like Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro. For Rise of the Ronin to reach its target, strong and sustained marketing will be critical to cut through the noise and ensure the game stands out amidst the competition. Releasing further in the future in 2024 also gives time for heightened hype, but risks greater saturation. Only time will tell if Team Ninja’s lofty sales ambitions can be achieved.

Rise of the Ronin has been in development for 7 years, making it Team Ninja’s most ambitious project to date.

(Source: GamingBolt)

  • Sony XDEV studio in Liverpool is assisting with development to help realize Team Ninja’s vision for the game.
  • The game is set in 1863 Japan during a time of great political and social upheaval. 
  • Western influence on Japan is a key theme, shown through weapons like guns and the presence of American ships.
  • Player choice and decisions will influence how the narrative unfolds through supporting different factions.

The development of Rise of the Ronin has clearly been a lengthy process based on the details provided. At 7 years in the making, it is already Team Ninja’s longest project to date. This extensive timeframe indicates their ambition to create their most technically impressive and narratively immersive game yet. However, such a drawn-out development period also means higher costs and risks losing relevance if it releases too far in the future. Partnering with Sony XDEV studio should help maximize what is possible technically on PS5 hardware. The extensive development shows this is a passion project for Team Ninja, but will that lengthy investment pay off?

There are two editions – the standard edition for $69.99 and the digital deluxe edition for $79.99. 

(Source: Charlie Intel)

  • The standard edition includes the base game and pre-order bonuses of the Iga Ninja armor set and 4 combat styles.
  • The digital deluxe edition includes the base game, Iga Ninja armor set, 4 combat styles, plus the Iga Ninja staff, Toyokuni paired swords, Bando warrior armor set, and Japanese formal wear set.
  • The game is set in 19th century Japan during the Edo era and Boshin War. It will feature Team Ninja combat and RPG elements like character customization and dialogue options.


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