Best Minecraft 1.18 mods in 2024

Looking to change your game up and have a fresh experience? Try these awesome Minecraft 1.18 mods!

The base version of Minecraft is a fantastic, in-depth game that can be enjoyed for hours and hours without it getting boring. However, there are some exceptions, and if you find yourself looking for some additions to Minecraft to make the game more enjoyable, then you might want to take a look at installing some mods.

One of the newest versions of Minecraft is 1.18, and for that, we’re going to be listing some of the best Minecraft 1.18 mods! These mods are community-made and include some unbelievably creative and interesting content for you to enjoy.

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One of the most frustrating things about Minecraft is exploring the wilderness and dying somehow. Dying isn’t that bad, it happens to everyone, but the thing that irks many people is losing your sense of direction and permanently losing all of your items. It can take you hours to find them, and that’s just tedious. JourneyMap relieves you of all your orientation-related stress by mapping your Minecraft world in real-time and allowing you to check it with either a minimap, a fullscreen map, or even in your browser! It is incredibly convenient and useful, so you should check it out!

Storage Drawers

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This is one of the most convenient mods out there! Storage Drawers fixes the finicky nature of normal chests where you have to use clunky signs to mark what’s inside the chests. With this mod, you can craft special drawers that have images of the items that are inside, ideal if you have a crafting room where you have to constantly fetch items and don’t want to check every single chest when you just want one thing. Each drawer can be upgraded to accommodate more space, which is even more innovative!


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This is a very simple quality-of-life mod that lowers the lag when you’re collecting a lot of experience points from the ground. Usually, experience points are small green/yellow orbs that fly around your screen until you pick them up, and if you have a mob farm or a normal farm, you might notice a considerable amount of lag depending on how many orbs are floating at one time. This mod takes all of those orbs and clumps them up into one orb so your system doesn’t have to suffer.

Just Enough Items

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Just Enough Items is a mod that introduces an entirely new interface to Minecraft when you press E or get into a crafting menu, showing you all of the possible items you can craft. When you click on an item, it will show you what you need to craft it and the crafting pattern for a crafting table. It’s a very useful mod for when you don’t want to go to the Minecraft wiki every two minutes to check how something is made. It is innovation and utility like this that make this mod appealing and fit it among the best Minecraft 1.18 mods!


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This is another orientation mod that adds Waystones to your world. Waystones are craftable pillars that you can place anywhere in your world to orient yourself. To interact with them, you’re going to need either a Warp Scroll, an existing Waystone, or a Warp Stone. The idea is that you can go out into the world and explore as much as you want, and when you’re done, instead of walking all the way back to your base, you use a Warp Scroll and you’re there instantly. It’s an incredibly useful mod that is hard to beat when it comes to usefulness.

Aquaculture 2

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Fishing is an often underappreciated aspect of Minecraft because most people would much rather just go out and kill a few pigs instead of waiting for a fish to bite. However, this mod is for those of us who love fishing minigames and seeing what we can catch. In Aquaculture, you now have around 30 different types of biome-dependent fish you can catch, as well as new fishing-related recipes. Check this mod out if you want to take your fishing game to the next level!

Carry On

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Moving on, we have a mod that is great for builders and farmers who do not like herding their livestock or tweaking small parts of their builds. Carry On lets you pick up one thing in your world, just like Endermen do, and carry it wherever you want. One of your pigs got loose in the night? Just carry it back to the pen! Messed up your Nether Portal and don’t want to break any blocks? Simply pick up the misplaced block and put it back into place! When it comes to utility, this is a very niche mod but it does its job very well.

Alex’s Mobs

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Most of the mods we have mentioned so far are quality-of-life mods that change up some problematic aspects of Minecraft and make your playing experience better. Now we have a mod that drastically changes the way the base game is played by introducing dozens of new and exotic mobs for you to interact with. With over 75 different mobs to discover, you’re sure to be preoccupied for hours. Each animal is there for a reason and each one has unique drops that you can make into weapons and other unique items.

Decorative Blocks

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This mod is for all of those builders out there that are disappointed with the decorative selection that Minecraft has, and want to take their building game to the next level. Decorative Blocks, as the name implies, adds many different decoration blocks you can use to add to your builds. They range from simple addons like pillars to chairs and braziers, meaning that if you need something, this mod will most likely have it already. You have biome-specific blocks as well, so even themed builds are accommodated!

Ars Nouveau

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And finally, we have another mod that drastically changes the vanilla version of the game, adding many different spells for you to use. They range from simple rituals to large, potent spells capable of a lot of things. You are completely free to craft your own spells and use the ones you find in the world, all of which provide you with unique effects and much more!

That would be all we have to say about the best Minecraft 1.18 mods! As you can see, many of these mods simply change smaller aspects of the game, but others are for those of you who are feeling a bit more adventurous. If you’re ever looking for a new game to play, we highly recommend you take a look at the best naval games, best tank games, and best free PC games!