Fish Sim codes (June 2024) — lots of free pearls and coins

With our fiery Fish Sim codes list, you'll have enough underwater resources to explore the deep sea!

Fish Sim will remind you of all your favorite underwater animated movies like Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid and all the other ones that make you feel like life underwater is the best. So, get your goggles and scuba gear on, because with this Roblox title, you’ll never want to leave the water!

Live as a fish and swim around to explore the secrets of the sea, look for treasure and upgrade from a small fish to a larger fish that can take on other enemies. Along the way, you’ll need pearls and coins and for that, we’ve put together this amazing Fish Sim codes guide that’ll get you access to all the freebies you’ll ever need.

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Active Fish Sim codes

  • FISHGOALS — 3,000 Pearls
  • GOLDEN — 3,000 Pearls
  • BOSS — 3,000 Pearls
  • NUCLEAR — 3,000 Pearls
  • FISHSQUAD — 3,000 Pearls
  • APOCALYPSE — 3,000 Pearls
  • MUMAZING — 500 Coins
  • RUSSO — 500 Coins
  • WOOHOOLIKES — 500 Coins
  • CALAMITY — 500 Coins
  • FLYES — 7,000 Pearls
  • BARO — 7,000 Pearls
  • RELEASE — 1,500 Coins

Expired Fish Sim codes

Wow! There are no expired Fish Sim codes right now. Isn’t that fantastic?

What are Fish Sim codes?

Fish Sim codes are random words and phrases that upon redemption give players and fans of the game some exciting freebies. These can be anything, from in-game currency to accessories or even cosmetics. So, keep this page bookmarked for all your fishy freebie needs!

How to redeem Fish Sim codes

It’s super easy to redeem Fish Sim codes, by just following these steps:

  1. Launch Fish Sim
  2. Click on the fish button at the bottom
  3. Press the shopping cart button
  4. Enter an active code in the textbox
  5. Tap on the arrow button
  6. Reap the rewards!

That’s it, everyone! All the Fish Sim codes you could ever need will always await you here. Also, we wanted to let you guys know that we researched some great new Roblox statistics that we think you’d like to know. The data speaks for itself, for this amazing platform, so check it out and be surprised.