How to get unbanned from Roblox

Get out of video game jail with these unbanning tips!

Getting banned in an online game is not trifling matter. When you get banned it usually means that you have broken some of the community rules and guidelines, making you a nuisance and moderators have to remove you from the server. Banning is present and prevalent in Roblox, as well. There are two types of bans on Roblox — temporary suspensions and permanent bans.

When it comes to getting banned in general, you’re going to want to know how to deal with it. If it is something you definitely did to get you banned, then there is no harm done, you can serve the punishment and continue playing after. If it is an issue you don’t agree with, then you can take some actions to get an appeal. For that, we’re going to show you how to get unbanned from Roblox.

It’s not a fun time when you get banned from a game you might enjoy playing. Sometimes banned players weren’t consciously breaking the rules, they were just joking around, and got banned. Just try to obey the rules next time you play, and you can cash out of some free stuff with Warframe promo codes, World of Tanks codes, and World of Warships codes!

Why do players get banned?

Banning is a system implemented in most online games and spaces where social interaction is the norm. Every community you visit has guidelines that you need to adhere to, sort of like rules. This can range from anything like no swearing, no personal attacks, to anything else you might think of that wouldn’t agree with people. The potential of getting a ban is usually enough to deter players from being toxic, but some just can’t help themselves and do it anyway. In such cases, these players can either get a temporary ban or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of their offense.

How to get unbanned from Roblox

Roblox, like any other online game, has a ban system that works on the principle of moderators having the power of suspending players they find toxic or rule-breaking. If you were to commit a small offense like, say, rude language, then you might get a 3 day ban. If you were to hack the servers, you might get a permanent ban, it all depends on you.

There is no real way of getting unbanned from Roblox, as you just have to wait until your ban time expires. This is usually shown somewhere on the login screen, telling you that you can’t access your account. If you got permanently banned, all you can do is make a new account. However, if you got banned and think that the reason for your ban was unfair or lacked reason, you can contact Roblox support so they can look into the matter.

How to appeal a ban on Roblox

Submitting an appeal means you’re contacting Roblox directly for an unfair ban. The process looks like this:

  1. Go to Roblox Support
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Try to include as much detail as possible for the reason you think the ban was unfair

After this, the support team will check to see if your appeal has any ground to stand on, and if it does, they can remove the ban. If not, however, you will have to wait it out.

One of the most important things when it comes to online games is to try to be friendly at all times. Being rude doesn’t help anyone and it paints you in a bad light. We are assuming that you are here because you got banned and that means that you broke some rules. You have all of the information you need to get unbanned, but try to stay in line next time. If you’ve found this article interesting, consider checking out our Roblox statistics article for more information.