Bakon codes (July 2024) — lots of free knives

With our brilliant Bakon codes list, you'll never run out of weapons or cosmetics!

Bakon is a Roblox game that has blown up recently due to its genre and weirdness. It’s basically a horror, survival title where you have to get away from things that are bent on killing you. You also get certain weapons and cosmetics to make the most use of and play them to your advantage.

Apart from that, you’re left to your own devices in figuring out how to survive. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! With our Bakon codes guide, you’ll always know where to go to get the latest freebie drops and have some extra resources to do well in the game!

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Active Bakon codes

  • 5k3ch — Sk3tch Knife
  • ThanksKev — Kev Knife
  • StinkyRoman — Roman Knife
  • Cleetus — Flamingo Knife
  • Winter2020 — Sweet Winder Knife

Expired Bakon codes

  • NewRecord45
  • EventS00n
  • ThanksFor200
  • Sorry4Delay
  • 100MSurprise
  • 60MGift
  • 25MGift
  • BlackFriday2020
  • 2onMe
  • Pride2020
  • Chapter11Thanks
  • Celebrate200M
  • 50inBag

What are Bakon codes?

Bakon codes are phrases or words that players can redeem to get some cash or cosmetics in the game. These can be a huge help if one is trapped in a tight spot and needs some resources to get out of. Bookmarking this page and staying up to date about the latest drops is a smart move so make sure you do bookmark the page.

How to redeem Bakon codes

It’s not hard to redeem Bakon codes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Bakon
  2. Head to the top right corner and click the Twitter button
  3. Enter an active code in the space provided
  4. Press enter
  5. Reap the benefits!

That’s basically everything we know about Bakon codes. We hope you survive long enough to win the game! Also, if you’ve ever wanted to get the lowdown about Roblox statistics and figures, we’ve put together an awesome article with plenty of mind-blowing facts about the platform that we think you’ll enjoy.