Best games like Red Orchestra 2 in 2024

Are you a fan of tactical FPS games but need something new to play? Here are some of the best games like Red Orchestra 2 to check out!

Red Orchestra 2 is hailed as being a fantastic FPS game set in during the Second World War and sports some excellent gameplay that is hard to step away from. The gameplay is very similar to other FPS games in the sense that it is intense, exciting, and has a lot of different game modes for the multiplayer mode so you can enjoy it with friends. Aside from the standard AAA titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield, Red Orchestra is another solid choice that you cannot go wrong with.

However, you can’t play the same game forever, so we have prepared a list of the best games like Red Orchestra 2 for you to check out and enjoy. They might not have the same gameplay dynamic as Red Orchestra, but the main themes and ideas are there to give you that thrill of battle while still giving you something fresh and exciting. We sincerely hope that you can find that one game you need from this list and that you have fun playing it!

World of Tanks

The first game we have for you is definitely not in the same genre as Red Orchestra 2 but is still a fantastic representation of the thrill of battle that we look for in all of the best games like Red Orchestra 2. In this game, you take your pick from a wide selection of powerful tanks with different classes and you take them to random maps to test your aim against other players with the same goals. The battles are very exciting and relatively slow-paced so you can expect them to drag on if all of the players on the map are particularly skilled. Overall, this is one of the most popular tank games in history and you cannot go wrong in trying it out. By the way, here are some World of Tanks codes you can use to get a head start if you choose to play the game.

World of Warships

World of Warships is one of the three main war games you can get lost in, and it’s a fantastic game in every sense of the word. In this game, you take your pick from a wide selection of powerful warships, just like in World of Tanks. There are some key differences between the two games that make them unique, and one of those is that World of Warships is much slower-paced since it’s realistic according to how warships behave on the water usually. These thousand-ton war machines are not going to be speeding across the water at 100 mp/h and that is very apparent in this game. Because of this gameplay dynamic, the battles tend to be a bit longer than your conventional war game, but that is not an issue as they are always fun and easy to get into. We highly recommend trying out World of Warships, and if you want your experience to be a bit better, here are some World of Warships codes as well!

Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a fairly complex FPS game where you are sent to a battle royale-style arena with 99 other players. 50 players from the total number of players in the game are divided into teams, Germans and Americans. There are two game modes you can partake in, and both of them include some basic combat dynamics that are present in many other war games — capturing various points across the map and holding them for your team. The fifty players on your team are divided into squads comprised of multiple soldier classes for more variety and a higher chance of success. Overall, Hell Let Loose is one of the best games like Red Orchestra 2 because it captures the adrenaline-packed front lines perfectly.

Arma 3

Moving on, we have one of the most realistic war games in history — Arma 3. This is a sandbox battle simulation game where you and a group of friends if you have those, complete various missions throughout the campaign. The missions of the campaign are very interesting and intense, and when you add some friends into the mix, you’ll see exactly why it’s one of the best games like Red Orchestra 2! One of the most defining features of Arma 3 is the modding community. The modding community of Arma 3 is very diligent in creating amazing mods, having produced thousands of mods over the years since the game came out. These mods range in theme from simple changes to the game to overhaul mods that completely change the way you play the game. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Post Scriptum

One of the main things we look for in the best games like Red Orchestra 2 is rigorous attention to detail and combat realism. Post Scriptum fits that description perfectly. This game is centered around the entire conflict of World War II and aims to recreate all of the battles in close detail and to bring you to the battlefield as a soldier. Cohesion and teamwork are a key part of Post Scriptum as you are not going to b the only player partaking in the battles. You can enjoy the game with your friends and work together to achieve your goals and claim victory in some of the most famous conflicts in human history. Overall, the game is awesome and it’s one of the best games to check out if you’re looking for the best games like Red Orchestra 2!

And that is where our journey into the best games like Red Orchestra 2 ends. It’s hard to make something that represents such a great game well, but we think that these games should fit the bill to a certain extent. If you’re still looking for more games to enjoy, consider taking a look at the best war games, best tank games, and the best naval games!