Best Minecraft base ideas — top 10 designs in 2024

Forget all the random mud huts you're planning to build and check out these awesome bases!

Most of us who have ever played Minecraft spend the first few days in an absolutely miserable house made of mud and other random garbage you find. These are usually expanded upon to make a bit more sense, but sometimes we need some extra inspiration when building a good base.

To help you make sure you survive and complete Minecraft, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft base ideas. They are very creative and include a ton of different features that showcase the creativity and dedication of Minecraft players and the community as a whole.

One of the best things you can do in Minecraft is to spruce it up with some of the best Minecraft shaders. If you’re the type to take on some massive medieval builds, then we highly recommend you check out the best Minecraft castle ideas!

Secret bunker

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Starting out, we have a base that is extremely creative and interesting because the entirety of it is located underground. There are a few benefits to this. First, you don’t have to worry about monsters at night. Second, everything is stored safely underground and very easy to find. And third, it has an awesome locking mechanism that is invisible until your open it. When it comes to the way it looks, it has a notable modern feel to it, something many players look for.

Cottagecore base

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Cottagecore is a very popular building style that is characterized by cozy little houses, tons of decorations, and using the bare necessities to make everything look good. Houses made in the cottagecore aesthetic are very beautiful, but if you want a full-blown base but also want to keep the cottagecore aspect of it, then this base is for you! This base is a bit larger than other similar bases, but that’s good because you have enough space to make sure you make it through Minecraft.

Large survival base

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Now we come to a base that is all about size and bombast, with massive amounts of space and utility for you to store all of your resources, but it also has everything you need to remove all of your worries about surviving in the game. The main feature is oak and other forest themes, so it fits very well into any forest space. Despite the sheer size of it, this base is actually quite simple to build and you should check it out if you want an amazing, reliable base!

Versatile base

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This base is very large and very versatile because it features a little bit of everything so you do not have to worry about having enough resources for surviving in the game. It has a notable medieval aesthetic with a castle in the middle, which you can, of course, customize as much as you want to fit the theme of your world. While it is a very large undertaking, it’s quite worth it!

Utility base

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Now, we have a base that is all about utility and usefulness. Once you complete this build you’ll notice that it has a decently-sized farm, ideal for growing crops. On top of that, you have a whole crafting-smithing area right next to the farm, with the house lifted on a platform above, so you’re using all of the available space to the maximum. The best Minecraft bases often have a lot of utility to them.

Compact survival base

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Here we have a very unique and interesting design that is circular with the surrounding area segmented into quarters where you can keep your animals and farm some food. Speaking of food, you also have a small farm on top of this base where you can grow your own food without it taking up too much space. Other than that, the circular room in the middle will have more than enough resources and space for anything you might need to survive.

Massive survival base

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We’ve had relatively large bases so far, with most of them having the bare essentials to survive, but now we have a complete overhaul when it comes to size and power. This design is an absolute fortress with fortified walls and tremendous amounts of space, so it’s good for even co-op. This is one of the best Minecraft bases because it fulfills its purpose so well.

Survival tower

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The best Minecraft bases do not have to be these large undertakings that take up tons of land. Sometimes, you can innovate your base to be a giant tower capable of storing everything you need and helping you move things along in survival mode. This tower looks fantastic on the outside, but the inside is very functional since the various floors you have in it can be designated for different purposes like an enchantment room, storage room, crafting room, etc.

Massive survival base 2

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Where the previous survival base had different types of wood as the core motive, we now have a base that is made of stone. It is circular in shape and features fantastic walls all around it, adding to the immersion of strength and fortitude. You can use the area between the base and its walls for farming, and all of the rooms inside the base can be easily customized according to your needs.

Underground base

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And finally, we have yet another underground base that is very immersive in nature and makes you feel like a dwarf walking around your base, just managing stuff. The hallways connecting rooms are quite wide so you can walk around comfortably, and the interior is fantastic because of the various decorations that Spudetti adds to it. This base is amazing and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good base!

And there we have it! All of the best survival bases you can use to your advantage, be it solo or co-op, in one place. We sincerely hope that you have found the base you were looking for and that the one you select suits your playstyle. If you’re ever looking for games that aren’t Minecraft, we also recommend the best naval games, the best cross-platform games, and the best tank games!