Best Minecraft garden ideas in 2022 — top 10 designs

These are some of the most beautiful Minecraft garden designs!

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When it comes to building things in Minecraft, you have countless options from many spheres of design; from interior designs to entire bases, you’re completely free to do whatever you want and it will be wholly unique to your world. One of the things you can add to your house is a garden.

To help you make your base look amazing and interesting, we have prepared a list of the best Minecraft garden ideas that the community has come up with over the years. There are many different styles of gardens that appeal to a wide range of people, so take a look and take your pick!

Even though all of these gardens look epic, you can’t deny that you need a nice house as well, just so it can make sense. We recommend you check out some of these Minecraft cottagecore houses, as well as these Minecraft castle designs!

Garden of order

Eastern philosophy has given us some very interesting symbols that many people apply to their own lives to dictate how they should live. One of those symbols is the Yin and Yang symbol, which dictates the idea that order lives in chaos and vice versa. The symbol is featured right in the middle of this garden along with some pleasant bamboo stalks that make everything look connected and nice. We highly recommend this garden design if you want a place to relax and think.


Koi garden

Fish are a fairly common addition to many gardens in the world, and that is because they are peaceful, colorful, and an absolute joy to watch on a nice sunny day. Unfortunately, we do not have visible koi fish in Minecraft but this garden design still features a nice little fish pond that is decorated with some small plants and other decorations to make it look a bit more appealing. There is even a small bridge in the middle that you can walk over.


Desert garden

Even though the idea of a desert might seem inhospitable and uninhabitable, this garden design brings new life to sand and the unyielding heat of the desert. The floor is littered with many different blocks that offer some extra color, and there are a lot of cacti along with other plants on the edges of the garden, so everything is nice and enclosed. We recommend you check out this garden if you have a desert base and want to make it look a little nicer.


Jade arch garden

The thing that made us put this garden design on this list is the amazing architecture that is characterized by stark white pillars topped by jade blocks, making for some very satisfying contrasts. Underneath the pillars, you have some nice wooden walkways that are decorated with lamps and any other decorations that you might want to add yourself. If you’re a fan of modern designs that are sleek and satisfying, this one is for you!


Castle garden

Some of the most satisfying aspects of Minecraft builds is intentionally making ruined forts and castles to make it look like a war had taken place in the past, leaving the remains to be reclaimed by nature. This garden design takes inspiration from that idea, utilizing the crumbling remains of a castle to make a space for you to plant your flowers and whatnot. The design is very satisfying if you are a fan of fantasy and want to add some fantasy themes to your world.


Large circular garden

All of the gardens we have mentioned so far have been relatively small and easy to build. Now we come to a design that is massive and very interesting because it encompasses a few different styles of gardening that are segmented from each other with walls. There are hallways between the garden segments so you can easily walk through everything. If your base is complete and you want a big project to make it look better, check this design out!


Cherry tree add-on

The next thing we are going to talk about regarding the best Minecraft garden designs is not actually a garden, but actually, an add-on that you can add to many of the garden designs that you take inspiration from. This design is a very large cherry blossom tree that looks spectacular at all times of the day and is a fantastic addition to any garden. We recommend expanding the koi garden we’re already mentioned to bring it together even more.


Eastern garden

And now we have another excellent garden design that takes inspiration from oriental culture and creates a fantastic space for relaxation and thinking. It has a small stream surrounded by stone and foliage, and there are some Japanese arches whose purpose is to draw your attention to it. Overall, it is definitely one of the best Minecraft garden designs and we certainly recommend it.



Fountains are always a very cool building topic and we love to see them implemented into various Minecraft designs. This garden design looks like a royal narrow courtyard with a very large fountain in the middle. The walkways are crisp and look very clean, the bushes around it make everything uniform, and the fountain just ties everything together. It’s an unforgettable design that is both interesting and well-made.


Rose garden

Roses are possibly the most popular garden flowers because of their beauty and symbolism, and this garden design makes them the focus of the entire build. The garden is made in such a way that you have pavement in a majority of the garden, but some green patches are full of bushes and roses, so there is a nice sense of contrast between the cold stone and the warm flowers.

And this is where our walk through the garden of gardens ends. As you can see, there are plenty of gardens here with completely unique themes so there is something for everyone. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this and that the garden you pick is just as beautiful as you envision it! If you want to check out some new games that aren’t Minecraft, you should take a look at the best cross-platform games, best Android games, and the best WW2 games!

Purchases through our links may earn LEVVVEL a commission.

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