Best Minecraft storage mods in 2024

Need to manage your storage in Minecraft? Check out some of the best Minecraft storage mods!

Storage is a big part of Minecraft because you’re going to be spending most of your time exploring the world and bringing stuff back to your base. The main problem players run into is that your storage spaces can often get cluttered and all over the place, and you’re going to need some help with that.

For that, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft storage mods! These mods are made by the community to help everyone and make your storage experience better. Something you’ll notice about these mods is that the approaches they take to maximize storage are incredibly creative and satisfying.

While these mods work very well as standalone add-ons to your game, you can’t deny that modpacks are another great way of enjoying the game. If you’re looking to completely change the way you play the game, check out the best Minecraft modpacks and the best Minecraft PE mods!

Storage Drawers

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Starting off, we have a very interesting storage mod that aims to take as much advantage of the space in your house as possible. The way this mod works is that it adds craftable storage drawers to the game that you can stack on top of each other and upgrade them so they hold more things. The kicker about this mod is that the drawers are also image-coded so you can tell what’s inside at a glance! Convenience like this is what we look for in the best Minecraft storage mods!

Iron Chests

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Iron Chests is exactly what it sounds like. This mod adds iron chests along with chests made of any other ore. These chests are based on the chests you can find in the base game, but these have much more storage space depending on the rarity of the chest metal. This means that a copper chest is going to have less space than a diamond chest. It’s an incredibly useful mod that deserves its place among the best Minecraft storage mods.

Mouse Tweaks

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The best Minecraft storage mods do not have to be related to chests, specifically. This mod changes up the way you interact with the resources inside your chests so it’s much smoother. The quality-of-life changes that this mod presents range from picking up sequences of items to managing how they are placed in different grids. It saves you from the pain of clicking one thing at a time, we know you’ve experienced that before.

Refined Storage

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Now we come to one of the most in-depth storage mods out there with a lot of complexity to it. Refined Storage introduces an overhauled storage system that is based on a shared grid of storage and rooms. The way it works is that you have certain chests that are connected to a grid and you can control what is where through the main board. You access the board and get all the items you need by just taking them from there. This is definitely one of the best Minecraft storage mods, without a doubt.

Sophisticated Backpacks

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Time for some mobile storage! This mod is all about backpacks and taking your home with you into the wilderness. It’s always useful to have some essentials for your travels with your without them cluttering your main inventory. They are equipped on the chest slot by default, and if you put them on the ground, they work the same way as a chest. Of course, the backpacks can be upgraded just like weapons can, and each tier of the backpack adds more storage space.

Colossal Chests

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You’ve probably noticed that most of these mods focus on limiting the space that the chests take up so you can have more space for other things. Well, this chest goes in a completely different direction by allowing you to construct comically large chests that can fit an insane number of items. The way it works is that you have to build the chests by constructing them like houses, and each chest adds more space to the large one. This is one of the best Minecraft storage mods because it’s completely crazy and unique!


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Moving on, we now have a mod that is specific to one type of material. QuantumStorage adds a single type of chest that can be designated for one type of item. With this mod, you can store millions of one type of block without needing to create multiple chests. The usage of this chest is fairly specific so you might not find it useful when you just install it, but once you have a complete base and don’t know what to do with your extra resources, this mod will help!


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Now we come to a mod that is perfect for multiplayer because you don’t really need it when you’re playing alone. Locks introduces different lock you can slap onto any chest or anything else that opens so only the owner of the key can open it. However, there is also a lock-picking ability that you can use to unlock chests anyway, but it takes some skill. Innovation and creativity like this are exactly what we’re looking for in the best Minecraft storage mods.

Trash Cans

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Most mods on here are about managing your useful items so you can keep them nice and safe, but what about the items you don’t need? Well, that’s where Trash Cans come in. This awesome mod adds different types of trash cans so you can chuck your useless items into the void, never to be seen again. The reason we mention different types of trash cans is that you have different cans for different things. some delete items, while others delete liquids. Overall, it’s a fantastic mod that is very useful for everyone!

Item Collectors

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The final storage mod we have for you is Item Collectors. This mod introduces two different Item Collectors that will automatically pick up nearby items they are assigned to. The way they work is that you have to place them on top of a chest and whenever you throw the items from your inventory in front of the collectors, they will be picked up and stored safely. It’s a very specific mod, but useful nonetheless.

That’s all we have to say about the best Minecraft storage mods! As you can see, storage is not a light matter and there are plenty of mods that tackle storage directly just to make your life easier. If you want some more games to play while you take a break from Minecraft, we recommend you take a look at the best naval games, best WW2 games, and the best war games!