Best Minecraft PE mods in 2024

Want to add some more fun to Minecraft Pocket Edition? Take a look at these awesome mods!

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a fantastic game to have on your mobile phone because it packs in all of the content you can enjoy in the PC version of Minecraft and adds the convenience of playing everywhere. This is something everyone wants in mobile games, and one of the ways you can improve your PE experience is to use some mods.

We’re going to give you an overview of the best Minecraft PE mods that you can quickly install and jump into. These mods vary in theme from simple additions to the game to overhauls that completely change the way you play the game.

Minecraft mods are always awesome when you want to freshen the game up and have a new experience. If you’re in the market for new mods to play, we highly recommend you take a look at the best Minecraft Fabric mods and the best Minecraft modpacks!

Zombie Apocalypse

This mod is excellent when you want to make the base game more difficult with hordes of zombies killing everything in sight. Zombie Apocalypse upgrades the basic Minecraft zombies so that they aren’t affected by sunlight and there much faster/stronger. When a zombie kills any living being, it will turn into a zombie as an addition to the horde, so nothing is safe.


Modern Tools

When it comes to the best Minecraft PE mods, we always like to see some utility to them so they are both useful and cool to have. Modern Tools adds some modern appliances that you can use daily, from fridges to water computers, you have quite a few choices. We highly recommend this mod for anyone looking for a bit of modernity in the world of Minecraft.


Villagers Come Alive

Villagers Come Alive, just as the name implies, gives the villagers in the base world of Minecraft more life so they seem like different, unique people you can enjoy interacting with them. There are multiple types of villagers and you can even make them fall in love with each other just like you make animals mate, except you need to use cake. It’s a bit ethically fuzzy, but it’s still a cool concept!


Bedrock Enhancements

Bedrock Enhancements changes up the base look of Minecraft Pocket Edition GUI, making it look more like the PC version. This is great for hardcore Minecraft players that want their mobile experience to be as close to the PC version of the game as possible.



This is one of the best Minecraft PE mods because it takes a fundamental aspect of Minecraft — horseback riding, and changes it to ants. You can now ride giant ants just like horses without any consequences on top of it being cool. Just like horses, you can adorn your favorite ant with armor to make sure it doesn’t die when fighting monsters. Overall, just a fantastic mod!



The name gives it away a bit, but Furnicraft is awesome when you want to spruce up your bases and give them a bit more life. Furnicraft has over 30 different articles of furniture that you can freely craft and add to your house like any other item. We highly recommend this PE mod if you want to have a better base.


Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the best Minecraft PE mods that has a fantastic concept. Every pig in the game is replaced with a gold block with a question mark on it, similar to the blocks in Super Mario. Each Lucky Block your encounter will do something different once you hit it. You can get anything from some useful resources to a boss or a very difficult hostile mob. The uncertainty of this mod is what makes it appealing.


Jimbo’s Modern Weapons

Jimbo’s Modern Weapons is a fantastic mod that adds various military-grade weapons to Minecraft so you can say goodbye to struggling against monsters at night. The weapons vary from simple pistols to hand grenades and assault rifles, so you can freely take your pick and blow stuff up!


Item Physics

Sometimes it might feel a little out of place for all the blocks that you break to just float 2 inches above the ground, and this mod is meant to fix that. With Item Physics, all of the blocks that would usually float above the ground instead fall to the ground with realistic physics, adding to the immersion. It’s quite a simple mod but it is very nice for a small change.



And finally, we have WildCraft, a mod that adds many different species of animals to your world so you can interact with them as you please. They range from small, simple critters to the most notorious predators in the animal kingdom. This is one of the best Minecraft PE mods because it breaks up the monotony of animals in the base version of Minecraft.


That would be all we have to say about the best Minecraft PE mods. Pocket Edition is amazing for what it is and we’re glad that we can bring you all of the information you need regarding it. If you notice that you want to take a break from Minecraft, we highly recommend you take a look at the best naval games, best horse games, and the best tank games!