Bomb Simulator codes (April 2024) — potions, boosts, pets and more

With our excellent Bomb Simulator codes list, you'll have enough resources in the game to upgrade everything you desire!

Bombs, bombs, and more bombs. That’s right, the key to success in this Roblox title is using your sword to blow up bombs. Collect coins to buy new swords and ultimately open up new areas for yourself. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and time is ticking away. Bad pun?

Along the way, if you find rare hats and hatch eggs you have the chance to become the best player in the game, so remember that side quest. Also, to give you the best chance of becoming a pro, we’ve compiled this Bomb Simulator codes guide to help you get access to some awesome in-game freebies!

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Active Bomb Simulator codes

  • ItsKolapo — 1,000 Gems
  • GemBoost — 2x Gem Boost for 15 mins
  • Apology — 2x Coin Boost for 1 hour
  • FreeCoinBoost — 2x Coin Boost for 15 mins
  • FreeBoost — 2x Coin Boost for 15 mins
  • 5KLIKES — 5kLikes Pet
  • razorfishgaming — RazorFishGaming YouTuber Pet
  • Snuggie — Snuggie YouTuber Pet
  • Russo — Russo YouTuber Pet
  • MayRushArt — MayRushArt YouTuber Pet
  • ToadBoiGaming — ToadBoi YouTuber Pet
  • JoJo — JoJo YouTuber Pet
  • CDTV — CDTV YouTuber Pet
  • Defildplays — Defildplays YouTuber Pet
  • Grumpy — YouTube Pet
  • GoldPotion — Gold Potion
  • DarkPotion — Dark Potion
  • Bomby — 2x Gem Boost
  • boostcoin1 — 2x Coin Boost
  • 60KLIKES — 60KLikes Pets
  • GemBoost3  — 2x Gem Boost for 15 mins
  • LuckyBoost — 2x Luck Boost for 15 mins
  • Gemboost2 — 2x Gem Boost for 15 mins
  • 45KLIKES — 2x Gem Boost for 1 hour
  • COINZ — 2x Coin Boost for 15 mins
  • SecretHat — 2x Luck Boost
  • 30KLIKES — Dominus Icy Pet
  • Gems — 2x Gem Boost for 1 Hour
  • 15KLIKES — 15KLikes Pet

Expired Bomb Simulator codes

  • EventBoost
  • QuestUpdate
  • EndingSoon

What are Bomb Simulator codes?

Codes are redeemable words, phrases, or numbers that players or fans can use in the game to get a variety of valuable resources like currency or accessories. These drop now and then and expire quickly, too, so bookmark this page to have all the latest codes at your fingertips.

How to redeem Bomb Simulator codes

It’s straightforward to redeem Bomb Simulator codes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Bomb Simulator
  2. Click on the settings button
  3. Press the green button that says codes
  4. Enter an active code from our list
  5. Hit enter
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s everything we can tell you, hope you have a great adventure using Bomb Simulator codes. Moreover, for fans of Roblox we have a great article that we’d like to share with everyone. We’ve compiled tons of facts and figures about the platform and what it’ll look like in 2022, so head over to Roblox statistics to find out more!