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There are manifold genres within the video game landscape, from story-driven narratives to sports simulations to puzzle challenges. Yet, it’s a rarity for a game franchise to pioneer an entirely new genre. This distinction belongs to FromSoftware, a game development powerhouse responsible for crafting some of the most arduous gameplay experiences. Given its influence and the curiosity surrounding FromSoftware’s net worth, we’re diving deep into the FromSoftware statistics. For those with a broader gaming industry interest, insights on total video game industry revenue are also available.

FromSoftware key stats

The first section we have for you is going to examine some general statistics regarding FromSoftware as a company, from its annual revenue to its total net worth. These stats are vital for any company because it helps you gauge how successful the company is and if its revenue is decreasing or increasing year by year. After we’re done with this section, we will examine some stats regarding their games in general and some Twitch stats to see how invested the community is in FromSoftware games.

FromSoftware has made $928.9 million in lifetime revenue.

(Sources: VG Insights, FromSoftware, TheGamer)

  • Its average revenue per game is $186 million.
  • Its median revenue per game is $74.4 million.
  • The company has 349 employees.
  • The average salary for FromSoftware employees is $25,000.

In this first part, we are going to highlight one of the most important statistics regarding the total revenue that FromSoftware managed to generate during its time producing games. The company generated nearly $1 billion across all of its games so you can quite clearly gauge how successful it is and how well they make its games. Despite some claims by employees that the working conditions at FromSoftware are not ideal, they still manage to do everything on time and produce top-tier content.

FromSoftware’s net worth is around $36.8 million in 2023.

(Sources: People Ai)

  • FromSoftware Net worth 2022 33.1 Million
  • FromSoftware Net worth 2021 29.5 Million

FromSoftware, recognized for its standout titles in the gaming sector, has showcased a robust financial growth trajectory in recent years. By 2023, the company’s valuation was around $36.8 million. It’s crucial to note, however, that the net worth figures for FromSoftware displayed here are calculated based on a combination of social factors. As such, these numbers should be used for guidance purposes only, with the understanding that FromSoftware’s actual income might deviate significantly from the mentioned dollar amounts.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s best-selling game at 17.5 million in sales.

(Source: Statista)

  • Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in its first two weeks.
  • It sold more than 1 million units in Japan in the same period.
  • Elden Ring’s sales increased by 45% from March 2022 to November 2022.

The hype surrounding Elden Ring was immense as it wasn’t very known for a long time, so much so that the Elden Ring subreddit essentially turned into a cult that clung to any information they could get about the game, even suggesting to turn the subreddit into a Bugsnax subreddit at one point (weird, we know). However, the expectation and anticipation paid off when Elden Ring was confirmed and it amassed a record number of sales during the first two weeks it was out. It was a massive milestone for the magnum opus of Hidetaka Miyazaki and we can only assume what kind of DLC is going to come out for the game in the future.

Elden Ring’s estimated Steam revenue is $459.9 million.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • Dark Souls III’s estimated revenue is $310.8 million.
  • Dark Souls II’s estimated revenue is $111.1 million.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s estimated revenue is $170 million.

As we have just mentioned, Elden Ring was the biggest FromSoftware release of all time, largely because it catered to a wider audience of gamers that can more easily digest the difficult nature of the game and appreciate the nuances of Soulsborne games. Because of its massive launch sales and excellent reception on the market, it is no surprise that Elden Ring amassed such excellent revenue on Steam.

The average rating of all FromSoftware games is 74/100.

(Source: Metacritic)

  • The game with the highest average rating is Elden Ring at 96/100.
  • The game with the lowest average rating is Tenchu: Dark Secret at 37/100.

The last line of general statistics we have for FromSoftware is just to showcase and prove how highly rated the games are, wherein none of the Soulsborne games have a lower rating than 79/100, which is excellent considering that they also have some games with lower ratings, like Tenchu and Steel Battalion. While these games didn’t shine in the FromSoftware library, the Soulsborne and Armored Core series more than made up for them.

FromSoftware Twitch and speedrunning stats

In this section, we are going to take a look at how much the Twitch community likes to spend time watching FromSoftware on Twitch. The Soulsborne… ekiro… ring, yeah sure, the Soulsbornekiroring series is much more popular than the Armored Core series, and that is because the former has a lot more replay value than the latter, and people just love watching speedruns. Also, we are going to cover speedrunning FromSoftware games in this section simply because players have done some mind-blowing runs in the past.

The Soulsborne series had 342.57 million hours watched on Twitch in 2022.

(Source: SullyGnome)

  • Elden Ring had the most hours watched at 284.6 million hours.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had 10.2 million hours watched.
  • Bloodborne had 8 million hours watched.
  • Dark Souls I, II, and III had 36.7 million hours watched in total.
  • Demon’s Souls had 2.8 million hours watched.

These stats were accumulated across the entirety of 2022 and we can see that the older Soulsborne games get considerably less attention than the newer ones, with Elden Ring taking the charge at nearly 300 million hours watched across all games. However, just because the newer games get more attention does not mean that they are not still popular since Demon’s Souls, the game with the least amount of received attention still managed to accumulate nearly 3 million hours watched.

The Soulsborne series had 15.5 million broadcasting hours on Twitch in 2022.

(Source: SullyGnome)

  • Elden Ring had the most broadcasting hours at 12.3 million.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had 632,642 broadcasting hours.
  • Bloodborne had 583,505 broadcasting hours.
  • Dark Souls I, II, and III had 1.7 million broadcasting hours.
  • Demon’s Souls had 205,010 broadcasting hours.

This is directly correlated to the previous line of stats and we can see that Elden Ring is still the most popular Soulsborne game by far, with the rest of them trailing behind considerably. When it comes to the Dark Souls trilogy, Dark Souls III has the most broadcasting hours likely because Bloodborne is still a PS4 exclusive and the audience for that game is a bit smaller.

bearzly has the Guinness world record for most alternative controllers used to beat Dark Souls.

(Source: Guinness World Records)

  • The streamer/youtube has used 9 different controllers to beat Dark Souls.
  • This list includes a Guitar Hero guitar and drum set, voice controls, a steering wheel, Donkey Kong bongos, a Wiimote, a dance mat, an Xbox controller using one finger, and a Rock Band piano.

Now we come to what is perhaps the most interesting section for the Soulsborne games, and that is the ridiculous range of controllers that people have used to beat the original Dark Souls, as well as Dark Souls III. Some streamers and YouTubers had the incredible idea of making custom controller configurations using everything under the sun, from dance pads to steering wheels. Not only are these sorts of runs interesting to watch, but they also showcase the ingenuity of the gaming community and the ends they will go to spice up games.

Dark Souls III was beaten using a bunch of bananas.

(Source: Guinness World Records)

  • ATwerkingYoshi beat Dark Souls III by rigging up a bunch of bananas with duct tape and wiring, with the bananas responding to physical touch to perform actions in the game.
  • He has beaten the game with other controllers before. He has used some of the controllers from the previous section, but also used nunchucks, a fishing rod, a turntable, and an N64 controller.

This is essentially repeating the same thing we said about the previous line of stats, except for the fact that some madman named ATwerkingYoshi came up with the idea of connecting multiple bananas to create a controller that he could touch and input commands into the game. Like, who does that? That was definitely one of the best and most ingenious runs in gaming history, and it was repeated in Elden Ring as well.

Within 2 months of its release, Elden Ring’s speed runs were reduced to under 10 minutes.

(Sources: The Verge, Speedrun)

  • The run is centered around “zipping”, or guarding while carefully moving your character to make them teleport great distances.
  • While people thought that a sub-10-minute run was ridiculous, the current record is held by HYP3RSOMNIAC with a 3:56 run.
  • At present, this is the fastest run achievable.

This was one of the most surprising things about Elden Ring speedrunning, and it is fairly hard to top as a result. In the world of speedrunning, you have different categories for glitchless runs and for runs that use glitches. This Elden Ring any% unrestricted speedrun employed what is called “zipping” which allowed you to literally skip entire areas and sections of the game, which brought the total time it took to complete the game to under 4 minutes, which is ridiculous, even for the Soulsborne series.

Streamer dinossindgeil beat the Soulsbornekiroring series in a single run without getting hit.

(Source: YouTube)

  • In the run, he had to complete all seven games without getting hit a single time.
  • Getting hit would mean that he would have to start over from the first game.
  • It took him 120 days of attempts to complete the run.
  • This can be considered the biggest achievement in video game history.

And the final line of stats we have for you is centered around dinossindgeil, a streamer that managed to complete what can easily be considered the biggest feat in gaming history — beating the entire Soulsborne series including Elden Ring in one run without getting hit. Beating one of the games like you’re supposed to is hard enough, doing it without dying is crazy, beating one game without getting hit is next-level, but doing what this streamer did is nothing short of godly. It is going to be a long time before something in the gaming industry comes even close to this level of skill.

To sum up

And there you have some of the most relevant statistics and facts surrounding one of the most difficult gaming franchises in history. FromSoftware games have been around for a very long time, and they have proven to be cult classics that are instant hits the same year they are released, as is apparent when you look at their popularity in general. Although the Armored Core games are definitely not as popular as other FromSoftware games, we can be sure that they might just spark in popularity because the newest Armored Core, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is going to bring back the core ideas of the epic franchise in a fresh, AAA graphics package!


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