Best games like Hearts of Iron IV to play in 2024

Looking for the best games like Hearts of Iron IV? This is the best selection at the moment.

Warships are a very common theme in war games and war in general, which is the main way they have gained popularity among gamers all over the world. These games capture the essence of strategy and intense combat so they are more than worth playing if you’re looking for an opportunity to destroy some ships!

One of the best warship games out there is Hearts of Iron IV. It’s a massively popular game with in-depth combat and memorable missions. To help you get in touch with more fantastic games, we’ve prepared this list of the best games like Hearts of Iron IV. These games have a ton of content to explore and learn, and we highly recommend you check them out!

World of Warships

The first game we have for you is World of Warships, one game in the trinity of Wargames that has amassed millions of fans worldwide. The general gameplay is a bit slower than you might expect since the battles are done on a very large scale so you can’t traverse the map at a moment’s notice. When it comes to attacking and defending, you have some interesting game modes from team-oriented battles to domination, something all players enjoy in some form or another. You have dozens of dreadnought battleships available to choose from, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. What makes World of Warships one of the best games like Hearts of Iron IV is that it is packed with content and it has a learning curve, making it a constant pleasure to play. If you’re looking to start playing this amazing game, have some World of Warships codes to help you out.

Call of War: World War 2

Hearts of Iron IV is a massive strategy game that is presented in a top-down perspective over a territorially-segmented map displaying all of the ally/enemy forces in one place. Call of War: World War 2 has the same gameplay style while implementing different mechanics that give it its own character and gameplay approach. We know that you are looking for warship games if you’re reading this, and one of the best things about this game is that you have control over land, air, and sea units to control your territory. When it comes to the units you can control, there is a wide variety and they can be deployed in different ways, deepening the fun. Overall, this is definitely one of the best games like Hearts of Iron IV and you should check it out!

Empire: Total War

This is the fifth installment of the iconic Total War series. The entire series is among the best games like Hearts of Iron IV because it encompasses all of the aspects that make a good strategy game — finance, management, religion, establishing colonies, improving combat units, and engaging in grand battles for gaining more territory. Empire: Total War is set during the 18th century and focuses on building a solid empire in one portion of the world, gaining territory, and improving your power. The base of the game is to first establish an offensive, then branch out to seize more territory. The battles you can manage take place both on the ground with soldiers and horses, as well as wooden battleships equipped with cannons and whatnot. We highly recommend this game if you’re looking for an iconic experience from one of the best strategy series in history!

Europa Universalis IV

This is one of the best games like Hearts of Iron IV because it has the same type of gameplay with the segmented territories representing Europe and the rest of the world across various points in history. There are many ways of approaching combat, be it choosing to deal through diplomacy, cooperate with other people, or manage the internal affairs of your territory. When you inevitably engage in some battles, you can choose to wage war on either land or sea, so you have complete freedom to do everything as you wish. Europa Universalis IV is the perfect game for you if you want grand-scale realism.

Victory At Sea Ironclad

A fantastic upcoming naval RTS game, Victory At Sea Ironclad is set during the American Civil War and you can choose to fight either on the side of the Confederacy or the United States to decide the flow of the war and turn the tides in your favor. Since it’s a real-time strategy game, you can expect a fair bit of planning and ambushes to be completed throughout the campaign because both sides are going to be giving their all to win. There is a tremendous amount of ships you can try out on top of all the other content that’s packed into it. It’s still in early access so it would be a good idea to check it out and support the developers!

Those are some of the best games like Hearts of Iron IV! As you can see, the gameplay dynamic of the original game is represented more than enough in each respective game and you will not go wrong with buying any of these. If you’re a fan of World of Warships, we recommend you also take a look at the best tank games and the best war games. For more variety, you also have the best free PC games!