How to honk in World of Warships

Horns. What are they and what are they for? Let's talk about it.

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Honking warships are a regular part of the World of Warships experience. It’s almost impossible to imagine a round starting without the sound of players tooting their own horns as a sort of pre-combat ceremony.

This short guide will teach you how to honk in World of Warships. We’ll also touch on how players use honks to communicate when playing the game (don’t worry; it’s super simple). Don’t forget to read up on the latest World of Warships codes 2023 to get free loot and awesome drops.

How to honk

By default, the key to honk your horn in World of Warships is “N.” Jump into a practice room and give it a go!

Communicating with your honk

Not all honks are created equal. As with your car’s horn, you can say a lot with just a few honks.

Long honk

You’ll hear this a lot at the start of a round. Players love to spend the early moments of a match exhausting their horn. Long honks are also used to celebrate a kill.

2 short honks

You can use two short, polite honks to let a teammate know they’re on a course for collision. Go ahead and spam those honks if they haven’t made corrections to avoid a crash.

3 short honks

This one isn’t as universally understood as the other two, but to many players, three short honks means a torpedo is coming.

How to disable honks in World of Warships

You can’t. Sorry. But you can disable your own horns by going into the settings and unchecking the “Enable Ship Horns” option.

And that’s the end of this short guide on how to honk in World of Warships. This little feature isn’t particularly important to know, but it can be fun to get in on the early-round festivities. At least until you get tired of it. So hit the seas and get honking!