What does the Rhino do in Coin Master?

Learn all about one of Coin Master's most popular pets in this quick guide to the Rhino.

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What does the Rhino do in Coin Master, and why is it a popular choice among players? Pets play a crucial role in your Coin Master strategy, offering benefits like attack buffs during raids and increased coin rewards. Among these, the Rhino stands out as a defense-oriented companion, particularly favored by newer players. Dive into this guide to explore the Rhino’s significance in Coin Master and its unique abilities. And don’t forget to check out these Coin Master free spins links for free spins and coins to enhance your gameplay even further.

What does the Rhino pet do in Coin Master?

As mentioned above, the Rhino is one of the most popular defensive Pets in Coin Master. The reason is simple: he can block attacks!

As you rise through the ranks in Coin Master, your village will become the target of more and more raids. This can be frustrating, especially for newer players who aren’t yet used to the aggressive attacks in the later stages of the game. The Rhino has a chance to block an attack, even if you have no shields.

Note the word “chance.” The Rhino isn’t a guaranteed block. A newly hatched Rhino has a 10% chance to block a raid attempt (not particularly high but certainly nothing to sneeze at!). The block chance increases as you level your Rhino up by giving it XP Potions. At max level, the Rhino has a 70% chance to block a raid attempt!

How to get the Rhino in Coin Master

The Rhino is usually one of the first Pets you’ll unlock in your Coin Master journey. You get it by completing the Creatures card collection.

The Rhino is one of the best defensive Pets in the early game of Coin Master. His ability to negate raids makes him invaluable for protecting budding villages, especially for newer players who don’t have the shields to fend off attacks from rivals. We hope you found this guide helpful!

What is a Rhino in Coin Master?

Rhino is a powerful defensive character in Coin Master who has a chance to protect your village from raids.

How do I get a Rhino in Coin Master?

You get Rhino in Coin Master by completing the Creatures Card Collection. There are 9 cards in the Creatures Card Collection: Coin Gatherer, Blue Beak, Dino, Moon Crawler, Greedy Dragon, Ghost Dog, Lady Truffle, Chinese Dragon, and Fire Bird.

What does a Rhino do in Coin Master?

Rhino is a pet in Coin Master who protects your village from raids. At level 1, Rhino has a 10% chance of blocking attacks. You can use XP Potions to level Rhino up and increase this chance.

How many Rhinos can I have in Coin Master?

You can only have one Rhino in Coin Master.

Is the Rhino worth it in Coin Master?

The Rhino is one of the best defensive pets in Coin Master. At max level, it has a 70% chance of blocking attacks!

Can I sell my Rhino in Coin Master?

No, you cannot sell your Rhino in Coin Master. Once you have acquired a Rhino, it is a permanent addition to your collection. However, you can swap Rhino out for another pet that you own.