Best Fortnite escape room codes (April 2024) — for noobs & pros!

Find out the Best Fortnite Escape Room codes and how to use them.

Fortnite has some of the best features in modern-day battle royale games. Most of these features have to do with how players don’t have to stick to battle royale or survival modes to enjoy the game. Fortnite has so much more to it than that. So many more modded maps and user-generated content that you can play forever and that still might not be enough!

However, today we’re focusing on our Best Fortnite Escape Room codes guide. This guide features a plethora of codes for Fortnite Escape Rooms you can redeem so keep reading!

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Best Fortnite escape room codes list

Here are all the best map codes for Zone Wars currently available in Fortnite. New maps and modes get popular every day, so be sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with new course codes as they join our list of ‘the best!

  • Escape the Dream — 5496-4876-0626
  • Calculated Trajectory, Part 1 — 6671-4819-0781
  • Coulrophobia — 2655-9116-5877
  • Hauntophobia — 6621-4642-3997
  • 101 1Q Escape Room — 9289-3219-5545
  • 100 rooms — 6126-3353-7805

1. Escape the Dream

These maps are made just to relax and have some fun. If you don’t like one specific map, you can move to the next one and you won’t encounter anything too hard that an average player wouldn’t be able to do. So if you were looking for some simple and fun escape room maps to play by yourself or with your friends, you will find some in the first codes.

We’ll look at the hardest ones later. All maps are super hard, which will take a lot of time and patience to complete. We only recommend playing these hard escape rooms for advanced.

2. Calculated Trajectory–Part One

This map on the list is a parkour escape room in which all maps are around parkour. You will get about fifty percent parkour and 50 escape rooms, where to advance to the next level you’ll have to jump from one thing to another. Despite that, you’ll have to find the perfect path and escape the map.

So basically these maps won’t be that hard, but in every single one you will have the thing outside of the box. So usually maps are made, so a player moves to one level then finds the exit then to the next one and so on so forth but specifically in these 500 iq maps you’ll have to press one button, then find a different item, solve a puzzle and then you will only be able to move to the next map and escape. If you want to test out your iq in Fortnite and see some of the coolest escape room apps, then here are some codes for that.

3. Coulrophobia:

The next category on the list is called the horror escape rooms. These are basically maps with a variety of design difficulties and much more, but all of them are dark with creepy music and scary storylines. If you want to escape from psycho houses, abandoned tunnels and run from the shadows in the dark, then these are the maps for you.

This one’s a mystery where you will need to find clues to discover who made you come here. Players who want to test out their skill and see if they can complete it with no tutorials or anything like that. If you think that you’re up for the challenge, then this is it.

4. Hauntophobia

This one comes in the terror category, and like the previous one, it’s all about surviving and getting to the end without getting caught.

Then we have the maze escape rooms where every single map is built in a maze. In these types of maps you won’t need to find hidden clues or do anything other than that, but whenever a match starts, you will be randomly spawned in one of the 10 vast mazes and you will have to find your way back and escape. If you think that you’re up for the challenge, then check them out.

5. 101 IQ Escape Map

Inspecting the next map category, which is the puzzle escape rooms. In these maps the main aim will be to find and solve puzzle pieces so instead of just looking for an exit you will look specifically for hidden clues, passageways, maybe a map or something that will tell you where to go and how to advance to the next chapter. If you want to try them out, then here they are.

The last category on the list is called the prison escape rooms. The story is that you are chopped in a prison and you have to escape it, but you will have to kill guards, try to find hidden keys and much more. If you want to escape from a prison in Fortnite creative mode, then check them out.

This one is about the most fun escape rooms you can have, so you will find a variety of maps with original designs. All of them shouldn’t be too hard nor too easy, so you will find the perfect balance.

6. 100 Rooms

We researched around 1000 escape room apps and our opinions these are the easiest ones that we have ever seen. So that even as a beginner, you could solve and enjoy it with no prior escape room experience.

The last category on the list is one and only two player escape rooms. You can basically understand everything from the actual title itself. In these maps, you’ll be only able to advance and complete them with another player. They are specifically made for two players to be in different places at the same time to activate different doors and basically much more. If you and your friends want to escape an escape room where both of you will have to be on your toes to escape them, then this is perfect for you.

How to use Fortnite escape room codes

If you’re not familiar with loading Fortnite creative maps or islands, it’s fairly easy. The mode was launched during Fortnite’s Seventh season and allows players to build some pretty amazing stuff with in-game assets.

How to redeem Zone Wars map codes:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Choose Fortnite Creative mode
  3. Walk up to one of the featured rifts in front of you and tap the hotkey to Set Island Code
  4. Enter one of 12- digit codes from the list above
  5. Enjoy all the new zones!

That’s it, everyone! everything you need to know about Best Fortnite Zone Wars map codes. Have a blast and be careful! Also, if you have some additional time to kill and want some awesome gaming recommendations, check out our best gacha games 2022 or for awesome Roblox freebies check out Roblox promo codes list.