Dream face reveal — when and where he’ll unmask

Read up on when the famous Minecraft streamer plans to show the world the face behind the mask.

Credit: Dream

Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators in the world. Yet, even with all the fame and success, Dream has managed to preserve his anonymity. In fact, almost none of his personal details are publicly available — not even his face. That’s because, in all public content, Dream’s face is hidden away behind a charmingly-crude mask.

That may soon change, though. Interviews and posts on his social media accounts hint that a Dream face reveal may be in the cards. Most recently, he teased an image of himself. Or rather, he posted a beanie with some stray locks of hair poking out. It isn’t much, but those messy locks are the closest he’s ever been to unmasking himself, and now his fans are more certain than ever that a full face reveal is nigh.

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Credit: Dream

Who Is Dream?

Dream first created his YouTube channel in 2014, but it wasn’t until mid-2019 that he started uploading content with regularity. In November 2019, his video “Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied…” went viral, kickstarting his rise to fame. By the end of 2020, he was deemed YouTube’s top “Breakout Creator.” He currently has more than 29 million subscribers on YouTube and 6 million followers on Twitch.

When will Dream show his face?

The clamor for Dream to reveal his real face has been there from the beginning, but it’s picked up steam in recent years, due in large part to Dream himself.

In an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla in June 2021, Dream revealed plans to eventually take off the mask, detailing how he wants it to go down: “I want to do it with my friends, or some way my fans can participate somehow. So I thought of a meetup or some kind of event.”

In August 2021, Dream uploaded a picture of himself with a diamond Minecraft sword and a neon sign of his name. In the picture, he’s wearing a black hoody, each hand carrying a disc carefully positioned to hide his face. In this picture, too, we can see tufts of his hair peeking out from beneath his hoody.

Then, in March 2022, Dream promised that if his final Manhunt video garnered more than 2 million likes, he would create a real-world version of the game to close out the series. At the time of writing, said video has more than 2.8 million likes, leaving fans hopeful that a reveal may be in the works.

In April, MrBeast jokingly promised a Dream face reveal if one of his tweets received 1 million likes. Dream responded with a simple “yes manager”. Currently, MrBeast’s tweet only has 114 thousand likes, so if a face reveal is coming, it probably won’t be because of this playful Twitter exchange.

Will Dream ever reveal his face?

There’s no way of knowing whether all the hype and excitement will lead to an unmasking; the only person who can answer that is Dream himself. However, Dream’s interviews and recent social media activity seem to at least show a willingness to reveal a bit more about himself to the world. All we know is that after all the teasers, glimpses, and sneak peeks, the Minecraft world is more than ready for whenever he decides to unmask.

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