Escape The Darkness codes (May 2024) — lots of free shards

With our epic Escape The Darkness codes list, you'll have enough shards to complete all the objectives!

A genre we don’t usually talk about here is horror but that’s only because it has to be done really well to make an impression on fans and boy does Escape The Darkness hit hard. This has to be one of the best spooky games on Roblox and we’re always super excited to talk about it.

You can choose to play as the killer, or survivor classes like medic, engineer or scout. Each role brings a new dimension to the game and we strongly encourage checking out each and every one of them to discover something new about the game. Also, codes will really help you get a hold of the main in-game currency, so we’ve compiled this Escape The Darkness codes guide to show you how.

If you arent one for horror or scares then we don’t blame you. We can, however, direct you to some fun fighting games that we’ve compiled code articles for and where you can have an absolute blast on the battlefield in games like World of Tanks codes, Warframe promo codes and World of Warships codes. We recommend playing it with friends for an awesome time.

Active Escape The Darkness codes

  • Deeter — 250 Shards
  • TeraBrite — 250 Shards
  • Russo — 250 Shards

Expired Escape The Darkness codes

  • 10000LIKES 
  • 5000-LIKES 

What are Escape The Darkness codes?

Escape the darkness codes are numbers, words or phrases that allow players to get some awesome free stuff in the game. The developers mostly giveaway shards in this game but more surprises can also be possible. Bookmark this page to always have access to some free shards in Escape The Darkness.

How to redeem Escape The Darkness codes

Redeeming Escape The Darkness codes is super simple. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Launch Escape The Darkness
  2. Select the store option from the main menu
  3. Enter an active code where it says to
  4. Press redeem
  5. Enjoy all the rewards!

That’s all folks! Have a great experience making use of Escape The Darkness codes. Also, for some great knowledge and information about Roblox as a platform, we dug out some interesting Roblox statistics that you should definitely check out.