How to play Boku No Roblox — become a pro and win

With our handy Boku No Roblox guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming the best hero or villain the game has ever known!

Boku No Roblox is basically a full-blown MMORPG built inside Roblox and as such sees you work to build your own character. This is done pretty organically compared to other Roblox RPGs, with a fame system that decides whether you will be classified as a “Hero” or a “Villain”. If you kill Villain NPCs, you’ll gain positive fame that can contribute to a Heroic reputation. If you murder Heroic ones, you’ll lose fame points which contributes to a Villainous reputation. Your fame (either positive or negative) can be cashed in for in-game currency every 24 hours.

Seem interesting? It really is. We’re completely hooked to the Hero or Villain narrative and can’t get enough of the game! It can be super challenging for beginners but we have a way even the most recent fans of Boku No Roblox can end up becoming great at it: Our Boku No Roblox guide. This guide will ensure that you master game mechanics, currencies, and tactics for you to become a difficult challenger for other gamers. So, read on!

Boku No Roblox game mechanics

At the center of Boku No Roblox are ‘Quirks’, superhuman abnormalities that become a defining feature of the in-game society. In Boku No Roblox, these quirks define your set of skills. You can obtain and switch Quirks at the hospital, where there are three NPC Doctors: Jennifer, Daniel and William. Each has its own set of guaranteed Quirks. You can also “spin” for Quirks in the skills menu.

To build your character, you’ll also invest Stat points into one of the three skills in Boku No Roblox:

  • Strength, which increases damage and double jumps;
  • Agility, which increases running speed and agility;
  • Durability, which increases health.

You get 3 stat points every time you level up, so you can invest them in one of the three skills to further develop your character. The level cap is 15,000, so that’s a lot of time to thoroughly develop your character.

Beginning the game, players head to the Hospital to receive their first quirk. After that, they can go to the Gym to begin training in preparation for entering the world of Boku No Roblox. After you reach Level 500, PvP will be always on – so things quickly get a bit more hectic. The game also features Gear, Gadgets and Weapons, which can offer a range of skill boosts. You can acquire Gear at the weapons shop, which can also be updated using cash.

Boku No Roblox also contains a set of game modes called ‘Raid’. These are game modes which become available after a player supasses level 1000. There are two variants: Hero Raid and Villain Raid, the first available to Villians and the second the Heroes. These are available to gamers in the PvP lobby, and see players battle through 40 waves of NPCs while they attack the Nearby City and Destroyed City respectively. Players will be granted cash and experience points (XP) depending on how far they make it in the event.

Boku No Roblox codes & freebies

The main goal in Boku No Roblox is to build your character and consolidate your reputation: for good or for evil. However, to do all these things you’re going to need to get your hands on some cash. Boku No Roblox codes are a great way to come by many in-game necessities. Our Boku No Roblox codes article is up to date with new codes when and where they become available! These codes help a whole lot when one is just beginning and are a key secret in doing well at the game, so redeem some ASAP.

Boku No Roblox codes have the opportunity to offer a range of things, from weapons and gear to quirks and spins, but they more often than not will offer different quantities of cash. These amounts range from 100,000 to 1 if you redeem the April Fools code. Cash can be acquired from a number of sources in-game, from picking up drops from NPCs to trading in on your fame. But the developers have included Promo Codes to help you on your way. In short, this is why Boku No Roblox codes are so important: because they give you cash. With cash, you can spin for quirks, purchase gear and build up your character.

Quirks are the beating heart of Boku No Roblox, as well. In short, these are the superpowers that allow you to build your character. There are five categories of quirk. These are:

  1. Common, like Engine, Hardening, Zero Gravity & Tail;
  2. Uncommon, like Air Propulsion, Electrification, Warp Gate & Black Hole;
  3. Rare, Cremation, Muscle Augmentation, Frog & Decay;
  4. Legendary, like All For One, Half Hot Half Cold, Explosion, Overhaul & Fierce Wings. Finally,
  5. Mythical Quirks are the most powerful in the whole game, and include two: Deku One For All and Tomura All For One.

There are two ways to acquire new quirks. One is to spin on the menu, and the other is to interact with one of the three Doctor NPCs in Hospital. Doctor Jennifer can offer up to an 80% chance of acquiring a Common quirk for $5,000, Doctor Daniel can offer a 92% of an Uncommon quirk for $100,000, and Doctor William offers a 95% chance of a Rare quirk for $1,000,000.

Or you can spend your new-found cash on Weapons, Gadgets and Gear. Hatsume’s Workshop is a weapons shop located beside the Pro Hero quest giver. This is an example of one of Boku No Roblox’s Weapon Shops. Weapons and Gadgets, known collectively as Gear, are purchasable equipment that can boost stats and improve some quirks. These weapons can range from small Daggers beginning at $10,000 with a 1.3x Damage Multiplier to the Pumpkin Pistol Event Weapon available in the Weapons Shop for $1,000,000. You can also use cash to upgrade your weapons, adding special effects or increasing damage and skill boosts.

Similarly, Gadgets are armours and accessories which can enhance your quirks. These different items begin at $40,000 and can affect different Quirks in significantly different ways. For example, the Gauntlets will increase explosion damage for Heroes or Villains with the Explosion quirk, and the Shadow Cape item can boost the damage for the Dark Shadow quirk. However, many users make the mistake of not researching gear before they buy it, spending a bunch of cash on armour that boosts Quirks they’ve never owned and have no intention of using.

Boku No Roblox tips & grinding strategies

Like a lot of other Roblox games, it can be difficult for beginners to find their feet. Especially if they have PvP activated, spawn killing can result in a lot of frustration for up-and-coming heroes and villains. However, dedicated fans have come up with a couple of pretty solid grinding methods that can carry even the most pathetic noob to the Max Level relatively quickly.

To grind quickly, many fans of Boku No Roblox swear by the Shock Absorption method. Shock Absorption is an uncommon-tier, mutant-type quirk that allows the user to absorb impacts and reflect them. Get that Quirk, the old philosophy goes, and then grind Tomura and Nomu. However, until you’re Level 500 the Durability multiplier offered by Shock Absorption will be rather irrelevant.

Instead, you’d be better off getting the Common Voice quirk or the Uncommon Hellflame quirk to start off with, as these hit repeatedly with one move. This will speed up grinding until you hit Level 500. It is recommended that you grind in the Gym from Levels 1 to 100, grind weak villains from 100 to 250 and Tomura until you hit 500.

At this point, you’ll be more able to actually play the game, enjoy the quests, participate in PvP and get the most out of the experience. But if you’d rather just grind, and I’d be pretty concerned if that were the case, you can continue the method until you hit max Level. Once you reach Level 500, get the Shock Absorption quirk. You could grind Tomura or Dabi until you reach Level 1000, then work through harder and harder NPCs until you reach Level 10,000. From there, grinding Awakened Tomura will get you to Level 15,000 – that’s the max Level in Boku No Roblox.

That’s literally it, everything we can tell you about how to play and win Boku No Roblox like a pro! If you liked this guide, check out similar guides that we’ve come up with for other Roblox games: Mad City guide, Texting Simulator guide, God Simulator 2 guide. With all this information, you’ll be topping the leaderboards in every game you try!