MSI Optix G27C: 144Hz 27-inch 1080p Gaming Monitor

Yet another company has thrown its hat into the high refresh rate monitor. MSI, a brand mostly specializing in desktop hardware, has announced the MSI Optix G27C. Specs wise this curved monitor could be considered entry level because it is rather lackluster and bare bones.

The MSI Optix G27C has a 1080p resolution in conjunction with its 27 inch monitor size meaning that you’ll have a sub par pixel density and your image quality will suffer. Also noteworthy is that it has no sort of adaptive sync technology and leaves the user prone to screen tearing as their is no G-Sync or FreeSync to regulate the refresh rate.

Despite these downsides, one major upside to this monitor that it uses a high quality Samsung panel with wide gamut coverage. As a result it also a much greater static contrast ratio than most monitors: 3000:1 vs 1000:1. Its brightness, however, at 300cd/m² is in line with other monitors. Additionally, MSI has included technology filters the amount of blue light that is emitted without compromising image quality, resulting in longer gaming sessions with less eye irritation.

Aesthetically, the MSI Optix G27C is very similar to that of Acer’s Predator line. It has a red, silver, and black color motif with sharp edges sure to please any gamer out there.

MSI Optix G27C Specifications
Panel TypeVA
Screen Size27 inches
Resolution1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time4ms
Connection Option(s)HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI
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Dan Alder
Dan Alder
Dan's logged far too many hours in CS 1.6 and reminisces about LAN parties back in the good ol' days. He's also an engineer that's interested in anything to do with tech.

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