How many people play Starfield? — 2024 statistics

Charting a course through the galactic expanse.

Release Date
September 6, 2023
Action role-playing
Bethesda Game Studios
Bethesda Softworks

Todd Howard has done it again! Starfield is Bethesda‘s newest IP in a long time and is set in a place about 50 light years from our solar system called the Settled Systems. It is an action RPG and Todd Howard has described it essentially as “Skyrim in space”, which is just as awesome as it sounds. Currently, a key focus lies on Starfield statistics, offering insights into various aspects of the game’s expansive universe and intricate gameplay mechanics. Meanwhile, Starfield sales are being closely monitored to gauge the game’s commercial success and its reception among a global audience, contributing critical data in the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry. If you’re interested in similar topics, why not find out how much the video game industry is worth?

Starfield key stats

This section is going to harbor all of the Starfield statistics we can find until they can be properly segmented into Starfield sales, Starfield revenue, user, and news statistics as more information is made available to everyone. The game is still a long way away, but it already has a decent bit of news surrounding it that will definitely be interesting for anyone looking into the game.

Starfield reached over 13 million players since its release.

(Source: IGN, Forbes)

  • Starfield reached over 10 million players in just 3 weeks since its release.
  • Starfield achieved a peak of 330,723 concurrent players on Steam about 10 days prior to reaching the 10 million player mark​​.
  • This player count was attained in less than three weeks, establishing Starfield as a major success for Bethesda​​.
  • Average playtime is 40 hours per player, which is very high for a single-player game.

Starfield, released on September 1, swiftly amassed over 10 million players in less than three weeks, marking it as Bethesda’s biggest launch ever. The game’s wide appeal is evident with its substantial player base across both consoles and PCs, reflecting its positive reception within the gaming community.

Starfield sales reached over 3.1 million units on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • Starfield has average of 80,000 daily players
  • Starfield revenue reached over $175 million from Steam sales
  • Starfield has 69.9% positive reviews

Starfield has enjoyed robust sales on Steam, surpassing 3.1 million units and generating over $175 million in revenue. With an average of 80,000 daily players and a 69.9% positive review rate, the game showcases strong engagement and a generally positive reception from the gaming community.

Starfield dominated Twitch with 500,000 peak viewers in just a day of early access.

(Source: Gaming Bible)

  • Notable streamers include Shroud, CohhCarnage, AnnieFuchsia, and Jabo.

In just a day since its early access release, Starfield surged to the top of Twitch, boasting a remarkable peak of 500,000 viewers. Bethesda’s sci-fi masterpiece, despite its challenges with platform demands and gameplay expectations, resonated deeply with fans, many of whom eagerly tuned in to top streamers like Shroud and Jabo. The streaming success hints at Starfield’s potential, not just as a fan favorite, but as a strong contender in the gaming world’s 2023 releases.

Microsoft foresees Starfield missing 10 million sales due to exclusivity.

(Source: GameRant)

  • No release on PlayStation consoles.
  • Exclusivity strategy was prioritized over sales volume.

Microsoft’s strategic choice to keep Starfield exclusive to its platforms may result in a loss of up to 10 million sales, according to testimony from Xbox CFO Tim Stuart during a recent court case with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Despite the potential sales surge from releasing on PlayStation, Microsoft believes the exclusivity will boost Xbox console sales and Game Pass subscriptions, emphasizing their long-term vision over immediate sales volume. This approach hints at Microsoft’s broader strategy and the possible direction for future titles from recently-acquired studios.

To sum up

Okay, so that’s everything we have to say about Starfield at the moment! Be sure to check back frequently for new information regarding the game. New information will become available as we near the game’s release date, which we’re gleefully looking forward to!


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