Best games like Battle Tanks in 2024

Looking for a new tank combat adventure? Here are some of the best games like Battle Tanks to play today!

War games are always a fun choice when you’re looking for something to play, and they tend to vary in theme and gameplay considerably between titles. You have slow, methodical games that focus on the strategic element of the war game genre, and then you have games that are just meant to be a quick and fun experience, like Battle Tanks.

If you’re looking for more games to play that are fun and quick, we have prepared this list of the best games like Battle Tanks to play in 2024. These games are fast-paced and feature a lot of content to explore, be it alone or with friends. We sincerely hope that these games are satisfactory and that you enjoy whichever one you pick!

World of Tanks

Firstly, we have World of Tanks, an incredible game that is fun no matter if you are a new player or a veteran of the war game genre. In this game, you take control of a powerful tank from a certain point in history and take it to a random battlefield where you can test your destructive power against other players with the same goals as you. Of course, the game does not only boil down to destroying everything you come across, as there are other game modes that have more complex goals such as capture the point and other game modes. The game is incredibly fun 100% of the time and you will not regret trying it out. If you want a bit of an advantage, have some World of Tanks codes!

World of Warships

World of Warships is the water-based counterpart of World of Tanks and features some fairly similar gameplay, except it is all executed on the open seas where you have the freedom to choose from a broad selection of warships to take into battle. The warships are huge, lumbering beasts, so the gameplay of World of Warships is a bit slower compared to other war games, but it can still easily be counted among the best games like Battle Tanks to play in 2024. On top of the constantly fun gameplay, World of Warships is also getting constantly updated with some of the best features you can look for in a game like this. We love everything about World of Warships, and we’re sure that you will too. To help you along, here are some World of Warships codes.

War Thunder

In the previous two entries, we have covered warfare in regards to warships and tanks, but what if you don’t want to play two separate games, but you want to experience everything at once? Well, that is where War Thunder comes in. War Thunder is one of the best games like Battle Tanks because the gameplay is quite similar, except you can choose to wage war across three different battlefields — land, sea, and air. Each combat division has thousands of different war machines to control and demolish your enemies with. It’s an absolutely awesome game and it would be a real shame if you didn’t try it out.

Tank Force

Tank Force has a very simple premise and a basic gameplay theme that goes without too many complicated mechanics and goals. In this game, all you have to do is take control of some awesome tanks and go into some arcade battles with other players with the only goal of blowing stuff up. The game features some great graphics considering that it isn’t that well-known, as well as a broad selection of tanks from the major conflicts in history, so you have a lot of things to choose from. Overall, the game is fantastic and it is a great representation of the best games like Battle Tanks because it is just about tanks and having fun with them.

Eve Online

The final game we have for you is EVE Online. Something that you will notice right off the bat is that this game has a noticeably different style compared to other entries among the best games like Battle Tanks, and that is for a very good reason. It is always a good idea to include some variety in the games you play, and EVE Online is a perfect choice for that because the gameplay is relatively similar to Battle Tanks and it keeps the general theme of arcade battles intact. In EVE Online, you man one of the 350 available starships and explore the cosmos, looking for things to do and planets to explore. The entire game is centered around multiplayer and you can expect to meet tons of other players that are just as curious and fun-loving as you. Overall, it’s definitely one of the best games like Battle Tanks and you should check it out!

And there you have it, five of the best games like Battle Tanks to play and spend hours enjoying. As you can see, all of these games are awesome and pack a ton of content so you can always have something to do. If you’re looking for even more games to enjoy, consider checking out the best naval games, best war games, and the best tank games!