Cute Minecraft texture packs in 2024

Want to give your Minecraft world a more wholesome look? Take your pick from these cute Minecraft texture packs!

Texture packs are a simple way of improving your Minecraft experience because the base version of the game can get a bit old and rickety. They range from simple packs that only slightly change the way the game looks to texture packs that completely change the look of the game for the better.

We’re going to be giving you a list of the best cute Minecraft texture packs you can use to improve your gameplay. Cute texture packs aren’t as serious as others and include some very wholesome and warm textures that might even improve your mood while playing!

One of the ways you can really see these texture packs pop is to start an epic build! For this, we highly recommend you take a look at the best Minecraft garden ideas and the best small Minecraft houses!


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Our very first cure texture pack is Lithos 32x and the main idea behind it is to replace all of the default Minecraft textures with new ones encompassing a lot more details. All of the textures look simpler and are great when you want to add some more spice to your world without making it look too complicated.

Joachyy’s Wholesome Texture Pack

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This is one of the best cute Minecraft texture packs because it embodies everything you think of when you hear the word “cute”. All of the blocks in the game have been replaced with blocks that denote a very cuddly and wholesome appearance, ideal for those of you who love expressing love and kindness. We highly recommend this texture pack if you want something fresh.


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This is one of those packs that doesn’t require a beefy computer and is overall fantastic if you want something unique. Jolicraft has a very rustic aesthetic to it and the main idea behind it is to have you feeling like you’re in a rustic world where everything has personality. Everything in this texture pack has a unique look to it but you can still easily tell you’re playing Minecraft.

Pastel Craft

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Pastel colors are always a fantastic base for anything you want to make because the inherent appeal of pastel colors is both beautiful and mesmerizing. Since the base version of Minecraft doesn’t have enough pastel colors, this texture pack goes out of its way to make sure that all of the colors in the game are replaced with pastels, and the result of that is amazing and cute!

Kawaii World!

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As the name implies, this pack is all about cuteness and giving the base version of Minecraft an adorable look. All of the textures in this pack have been changed to feature bright, warm colors that are usually associated with cute things. Aside from that, you also have some cute faces plastered on many textures so the pack also carries some anime notes. Two birds with one stone!


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Compared to all of the previous entries, MeineKraft is a complete overhaul texture pack that is upheld by the community who have stuck with it since Minecraft 1.4. The pack has a very whimsical theme to it that applies very well to some Minecraft adventure maps, or even if you just appreciate the fantasy genre. We highly recommend MeineKraft if you want one of the best cute Minecraft texture packs that change the game drastically!

The CreatorPack

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The main idea behind this pack is to completely revamp the main look of the base game with new, smooth textures that are an absolute pleasure to look at. The CreatorPack is awesome for any build and any world since it can fit very well into any playstyle. We always look for some versatility when we’re talking about the best cute Minecraft texture packs.


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This is hands-down one of the best cute Minecraft texture packs because it is so unique and interesting, as well as reminiscent of one of the most popular texture packs — Sphax PureBD Craft. All of the textures have been updated to have a very appealing and smooth look, while still retaining their identity. Because of this, you never have to re-learn the names of items because they look too different.


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Moving on, we have BetterVanillaBuilding, a texture pack that is another complete overhaul so it drastically changes the look of the game. It is packed with features that distinguish it from other texture packs with the same theme. Each biome is completely unique with specific animals that live there, so wherever you go, you’re always seeing something new.

Nature X

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And finally, we have Nature X, a texture pack that aims to give your world more life and a better look to top it off. Your world will have a fantastic look to it that is absolutely mesmerizing and only gets better the longer you play. The main aspect of this texture pack is that it changes the overall feel of the game to something calmer and inviting.

That’s it! Now you can make your choice from all of these cute Minecraft texture packs and have a better experience in Minecraft. We highly recommend that you take an occasional break from Minecraft to play something new, so you might as well take a look at the best war games, best tank games, and the best cross-platform games!