Best small Minecraft houses in 2024 — top 10 cute & cool designs

Looking for some houses that are small and don't take much effort? Try out some of these designs!

We have all had that one experience in Minecraft where we created our first world and spent our first night in an absolutely dreadful mud/stone house just until a new day comes. That house you build is the foundation for all of the building you’re going to do in the rest of the game, and some players find it difficult to let go of that first design.

To help you get familiar with small designs and their usefulness, we have prepared this list of the best small Minecraft houses you can build in a flash. We highly recommend these designs for those of you who like to keep things simple and fresh.

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Small stone house

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Stone is one of the most common blocks in the world aside from dirt, so why wouldn’t you make a tiny house out of it? This design takes up a 5×5 area and can accommodate everything you might need to survive in the world. The room is made of wood and hay so it looks very colorful on top of being functional!

Door house

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This design is for the laziest among you. The entire area it takes up is just 2×2, but you can still fit a furnace, a crafting table, a chest, as well as a bed in there, so it literally just encompasses the bare necessities to help you move it along. The most notable feature of this house is that it is made out of doors exclusively so it is outside the box and interesting, especially if you want to build it in multiplayer!

Small cottage

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The next design we have can easily be sorted into the cottagecore aesthetic because it is a small house that is both functional and cute, ideal for building on the side of a mountain or somewhere else snowy. The entirety of the house is made of wood and the interior can be very cozy, depending on how you choose to decorate the inside.

Chest house

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The best small Minecraft houses should have a decent bit of functionality, especially if there are as small as the ones we’re telling you about, but this one takes the cake when it comes to storage. There are many chests inside this tiny house so you can use it as an exclusive storage space area if you have a bigger house in the works.

Desert cottage

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Alright, now we get to the challenging biomes for house-building. This desert cottage is relatively small and includes a ton of commodities to help you survive in the unyielding heat of the desert. The general design is very square with some wooden beams jutting from various points in the house so it adds more depth and ambiance to the build. This is definitely one of the best small Minecraft houses, especially if you like a challenge!

Bold house

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This design is very cool when you want to add a little bit of fantasy flair to your world and have a useful thing all in one! This design is very straightforward and is made of Stone Bricks and wood, but it is segmented in an interesting way so there is a decent bit of contrast between the two materials. We highly recommend this design for you if you like fortresses and castles.

Tiny modern house

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We’ve talked about modern houses quite a bit in other lists, but this one is so ridiculously small that it can barely be considered a house. It takes up a 2×2 area and somehow includes both a crafting table, a chest, and a bed while simultaneously managing to look sleek and stylish. You can swap out the wooden blocks for brighter ones like Quartz.

Another wooden house

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This house is very simple, but that doesn’t exclude it from being one of the best small Minecraft houses around. It isn’t impossibly small, but not too big either. There is just enough space that you can fit everything you need to complete a full survival run in the game. The aesthetic side of the house is very nice, with contrasting wood blocks in the frame along with a stone roof, making it look awesome!

Fishing hut

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Fishing minigames are awesome when they are implemented into games correctly, and the Minecraft fishing minigame is excellent. If you’re a fan of fishing and want to live close to the water, you should consider this awesome fishing hut for your next build! The design is very simple and just takes some wood, so you can get it done in no time!

Raft house

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We’ve just talked about living by the water, now we’re talking about living on the water. This “house” design is actually a raft you build on the surface of the water. Of course, you do not need to use this idea as a full-fledged house. You can also use it as a small outpost between underwater bases in case you need to sleep or restock on resources. Overall, excellent design!

That’s all we have to say about the best small Minecraft houses! We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that you’re satisfied with the information we’ve provided. Aside from Minecraft, we also love playing other games, so if you want something new, you should take a look at the best war games, best WW2 games, and the best horse games!