Injustice 2 tier list — all characters ranked 2023

Who's the best fighter in Injustice 2? Here's how your favorite DC heroes and villains rank.

Injustice 2 is the fighting game by the makers of Mortal Kombat that features popular characters from the DC Universe pantheon of heroes and villains. Often described as a more fluid Mortal Kombat, the Injustice series is the dark horse of fighting games, even breaking into EVO’s fighting game lineup several times.

This article contains our version of an Injustice 2 tier list based on how viable a character is in an online PVP setting. And before you complain about your favorite character being underappreciated, we’ll also go into why we’ve ranked these characters this way. Now let’s get down to it!

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Injustice 2 tier list

The characters in the S and A tiers are a cut above the rest. If you want to maximize your chances of winning a match, these are your go-to guys and gals.

In our opinion, the characters in A-tier can give S-tier fighters a run for their money; what differentiates them is the difficulty of their combos.

The characters in the C and D tiers are just-for-fun picks that anyone hoping to improve their rank should avoid. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re a low rank fighter—your problems have more to do with your technical shortcomings than character choice, anyway.

Here’s our full tier list in table form, for reference. Down below, we’re going to break down each character and why we’ve placed them in their tier:

Character NameTier
Wonder WomanS
Black AdamS
Dr. FateS
Black MantaS
Red HoodA
Green LanternA
The FlashA
Poison IvyB
Green ArrowB
Black CanaryC
Captain ColdC
Gorilla GroddC
Blue BeetleC
Swamp ThingD

Tier list breakdown

In this section, we’ll break down our tier list, character by character, to explain why they’re ranked the way they are.

S-tier fighters

The best of the best; the cream of the crop. Pick these fighters if you want the path of least resistance up the Injustice 2 ladder.

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s moveset is ridiculously overpowered in the right hands. Her Lasso attack is quick and snappy; spam it to frustrate your opponent and cut off potential combos. Wonder Woman’s throwable shield doesn’t count as a projectile and is one of the fastest moves in the game, making it super effective at canceling moves.

2. Black Adam

Want to dominate your opponent from distance? Black Adam is the best zoner in Injustice 2. His array of long-range lightning bolt moves makes it hard to get near him, making him a good counter for players who like to rush in and hit you. When used properly, Black Adam’s character power can stop any attack.

3. Dr. Fate

Like Black Adam, Dr. Fate is a nuisance from long distances. His arsenal of quick projectile strikes allow him to whittle down your life bar while he hits you with Ankh traps. Dr. Fate’s moveset allows for insane damage output if you can keep your foe at a safe distance.

4. Catwoman

Catwoman is a brawler Wonder Woman with a quick-hitting ranged whip attack that functions similarly to the Amazonian Princess’ shield throw. Catwoman is unmatched at close- to mid-range combat—you won’t find a more efficient damage dealer from that distance—thanks in large part to her quick strikes and mobility.

5. Starfire

Want a character that can initiate combos from almost any position? Starfire’s your girl. Her ranged strikes are a pain—not only do they move fast, they hit hard, too. Spam her jumping strike if you want to make someone quit in frustration.

6. Black Manta

Possibly the fastest fighter in the game, Black Manta’s rocket skill is rapid, cancels moves, and is spammable; use it right and your opponent will be out of health before they know it. Black Manta’s Dark Suit ability is what cements his place in the S-tier—combined with his manta rays he can deal 600–800 damage.

A-tier fighters

These are excellent fighters that don’t have the fortune of being overpowered by poor balance patches the way our S-tier characters were.

1. Batman

If Batman dealt more damage, he’d be in the S tier. The Masked Crusader’s Batarang talents can be used to negate attacks or add to his combos. Against an inexperienced opponent, you can spam Batarangs to victory. Batman’s grappling hook is a decent zoning skill, too, keeping your foe just within the reach of your Batarangs.

2. Darkseid

Darkseid is another one-dimensional figure whose Gamma Beam assault is the primary reason he is so popular. This, however, is an extremely powerful ability. A zoning attack that may be used until the battle is ended can be used using this ability If utilized appropriately and mixed together, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. If this talent is employed appropriately, Darkseid is nearly unstoppable.

3. Red Hood

Red Hood has the potential to be an S-tier character in the proper hands. If he’s used correctly, he may be one of the most powerful characters in the entire game, but he’s also one of the most risky. His play style relies heavily on the usage of land mines as zoning tools, which he follows up with his diving attack or knife strikes. Using his throwing star talent, he is able to cancel an attack and deal a lot of damage at the same time. In order to win a game, you need a little bit of everything from Red Hood. Become a master of Red Hood and you’ll be unstoppable.

4. Green Lantern

Despite just being competent enough to enter the A tier, Green Lantern’s ranking is elevated owing to his quick chaining of combos. In addition, he has access to a Minigun talent that can inflict 700 damage in seconds when combined with a particular epic gear combination. His ring powers allow Lantern to quickly link his striking combinations. In addition, he employs a wide range of powerful projectile abilities. His abilities are boosted by his character power, which he may employ repeatedly.

5. Superman

Superman is an all-around hero with grappling and zoning laser strikes. His laser strikes are extremely powerful and can be utilized anywhere on the battlefield, while his grappling attacks may easily be incorporated into any type of hitting combination.. As a spammer, Superman has the potential to be an unstoppable force because of his ability to launch many assaults at once.

6. Firestorm

Firestorm’s strike speed and ability to negate an opponent’s assault make it one of the best despite its lower than average damage output. While he has a fireball that may be used as a projectile, his ability to act as a projectile is unrivaled in the game. This character power boosts all of his fire-based attacks, including his exploding attack, which might be useful in a pinch.

7. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero has the potential to be a B-tier player, but he’s already in the A-tier. His assaults are lightning-fast and incredibly simple to string together. There are no genuine breaks in his series of skill executions. It’s not only that he possesses skills that are both defensive and offensive; he also has Ground Freeze, which freezes the ground if an opponent steps on it. His special ability recharges extremely quickly, thus he may use it to freeze an opponent nearly immediately if necessary. He can also be utilized in other strings to form combos. All-around fighter with the ability to do high-volume damage quickly.

8. The Flash

The Flash is arguably B tier, but his mobility and combo stringing abilities are just good enough to nudge him into the As. It’s impossible for anybody else to connect many strikes and ability attacks together in such a short period of time. His character strength, which allows him to quickly string combinations and substantially boost his striking skills, is also used to its full potential by him. This, together with Flash’s lightning-fast damage output, elevates it to A-level status.

B-tier fighters

The characters in this tier are solid, balanced picks that can take you far; you’ll just have to be a better player than your opponent.

1. Supergirl

Although many consider Supergirl to be deserving of the A tier, her lack of mobility and limited damage output pushes her towards the B tier. The teleporting punch Supergirl possesses may be utilized to avoid and spam attacks at the same time, despite this. Her eye lasers may also be utilized in a hurry to inflict some fast damage. Despite having one of the lowest damage outputs in the game, her skill attack chaining abilities elevates her to the B tier.

2. Atrocitus

Atrocitus only has a few abilities, but they’re all easy to spam. Using his punching ability, he may swiftly bring an opponent to Atrocitus’s corner, where he can really flourish. Once he gets his opponent cornered, Atrocitus takes control of the play with quick attacks that prohibit the opponent from moving while still doing significant damage. When you activate his companion character power, Dex Starr will remain out for the duration of the power and attack your adversary on your behalf. This is one of the finest companion character powers in the game.

3. Robin

Is Robin really B tier? In the right hands, we could see the Boy Wonder sitting pretty with the other A-tier fighters. With Robin’s lightning-fast assaults, it’s easy for him to form powerful strike combinations. With his sword, he also does a fair amount of damage. Using the Staff of Grayson is where Robin truly excels, though. Long-range under the opponent movements and staff spin strikes can be employed in a pinch by Robin thanks to the skill’s ability to cancel assaults. No one can touch Robin with the Staff of Grayson. Despite not having the ability, Robin’s sword strikes and character strength Deadly Arsenal put him in first place among B class characters.

4. Poison Ivy

Due to a lack of attack variety and mobility, Ivy falls to the B tier rather than making the A ranks. In spite of this, Ivy possesses a plethora of effective long and short-ranged attacks, including the ground spike and her character power plant minion, which can be summoned whenever Ivy isn’t harmed and may aid string together combo strikes. Atrocitus’ character power pales in comparison to the might of her plant minion.

5. Deadshot

When S tier Deadshot was nerfed, many people decided to give up on the bullet slinger. He’s often given a C- or worse grade on tier rankings. However, I was very close to giving Deadshot a rating of A. While Deadshot is no longer the OP zoner he once was, he still possesses some of the game’s quickest damage output. As a result, he is one of the finest in terms of skill stringing, and he possesses a number of high-damage, rapid, and simple skills. In addition, his ability to make his bullets inflict long-term damage makes him a fast-paced, high-damage zoner.

6. Green Arrow

While Green Arrow’s moveset lacks variety, he possesses a number of valuable talents that make him a swift and devastating opponent. Naturally, his arrow character power is what makes him stand out. Green Arrow has a lot of potential as an arrow spammer with to his quick and simple damage output and his abilities to freeze, burn, and electrocute his opponents.

7. Scarecrow

It is Scarecrow’s chain strikes that allow him to dominate a contest in close combat. Also, he possesses certain important talents that allow him to be successful at long and medium ranges. The damage he can deal in close combat is enormous, and his chain strikes are simple to execute and effective in canceling an opponent.

8. Hellboy

At its core is the character power that Hellboy possesses, which offers numerous ways to enhance your character. Hellboy may be utilized in a variety of ways and is quite adaptable, whether it’s to do more damage or to absorb less damage. He has a limited skill set, and he is frequently caught employing the same technique while executing strike combinations. Despite this, he is a B ranking character due to his high level of character strength and adaptability, as well as his acceptable damage output.

9. Cyborg

Cyborg, with his strong damage output and practical character power, just cracks the B tier. It’s possible to combo into other moves with his mother box bombs, which he may utilize both offensively and defensively. He has a vast range of abilities, including strong missiles, that make him extremely adaptable. Despite Cyborg’s strong damage and valuable talents, he lacks agility in stringing together strikes, which contributes to his poor performance.

10. Atom

Atom is a good A-tier contender if utilized appropriately and effectively. He has a wide range of abilities and excellent agility, making him a formidable opponent. Additionally, Atom boasts one of the most impressive arsenals of abilities in the whole game. Making Matter is one of the most unusual abilities in the game; it produces a throwable object alongside Atom and has a short cooldown. He can utilize his Atomizer in a variety of ways to both attack and stun the enemy, and his stomping ability makes him strong at long range. Although he has no obvious weaknesses, he is an average character overall.

11. Bane

Just enough to get into the B division. The way and who he is played determines where he ranks on the list. Some of the most damage in the whole game may be dealt by Bane, who is capable of doing close to 1000 damage in one combination. He also has some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Bane’s mobility is severely limited, making it difficult for him to unleash his most powerful assaults. Although Band can wipe out whole health bars in seconds, the instant there is an opening or Band is too sluggish to make an effective maneuver, Band will take considerable damage.

12. Aquaman

Thanks to his trident assaults, Aquaman is also a candidate for the A tier. With his ability to chain attacks, Aquaman is on par with the finest players in the game. His character power, which lets him recover from knockback and avoid combos, is also incredibly valuable. Due to his unique talents, Aquaman is most successful in close range combat, although he may also be useful in the mid-range due to his abilities. As a tank character, Aquaman is the finest fit for the role.

C-tier fighters

Underpowered and a bit too sluggish, the fighters in the C tier need a rework to make them truly viable picks in a competitive setting.

1. Cheetah

Cheetah, a C-tier fighter, has several flaws that make her a difficult opponent to overcome. With her claw strikes, she has a significant amount of damage output that may really be pretty high when employed properly, and her character power serves to further enhance these attacks. In order to perform several of her maneuvers, the opponent must be in a specific position. For the amount of time it takes to master her skills, she has a high skill cap that she finds unsatisfying.

2. Brainiac

Attacks from Brainiac’s tendrils are quick and have a good amount of range. He’s a good fighter, but he doesn’t seem to have a specific area of expertise. He has a character power that is effectively a slowed down version of Supergirl’s laser eye power, which is not very impressive. In terms of combos, he isn’t particularly good, and his ability to link together talents is limited. When employed correctly, he may deal some harm.

3. Black Canary

When employed properly, Black Canary has the potential to be a B-tier combatant. She has the finest stun-type attack in the game, and she can use it a lot because it’s so versatile. It is difficult to employ Canary’s dodge-based skills efficiently. Her other strikes have exceptional mobility and may be difficult to avoid if the appropriate combinations are put together.

4. Captain Cold

Captain Cold, a once-highly-regarded character in the game’s early days, has now fallen from grace. There aren’t any really powerful or go-to strikes that he can use. Sub-Zero, on the other hand, has an easier time and a more efficient way of freezing opponents. Even while Captain Cold’s rifle may inflict some serious damage and give you the advantage when charged, it takes much too long between charges for it to be viable.


Considering the TMNT series as a whole isn’t unfair. It’s not enough to award Leonardo his own ranking despite his little lead over the others. Awkward, the Ninja Turtles. There isn’t much to distinguish them from other characters when it comes to their attacks. They have a very diverse repertoire of techniques, and their special ability lets the player summon three other turtles to help them out. This is a typically useful ability because it prevents an adversary from getting a chance to strike and delivers a reasonable amount of damage.

6. Gorilla Grodd

Grodd has a high skill ceiling, making it difficult to master. After being taught, he has the ability to do reasonably high damage with a good mix of ranged and close combat skills. In terms of movement, he’s a bit of a slouch. His assaults are simple to avoid, and many of them miss their intended targets. Grodd can deal considerable damage if he puts together the right combinations, but he is otherwise a disappointment. As a general stat boost, his character power is excellent, but not strong enough to match his limitations.

7. Joker

A-tier Joker is on the edge of B. He does a considerable amount of damage and has a good number of projectile attacks that he can use. Joker’s gun ability allows him a fast, high-damage assault that he can rely back on. In addition, Joker possesses a great parry attack, which he may possibly claim is the finest in the game. Only because of his lack of adaptability and his preference for close combat does he slip into the C tier. He also gets a character power that makes him faster, although it serves no practical use. Overall, Joker has the potential to be better and isn’t all that horrible.

8. Blue Beetle

Thanks to his trident assaults, Aquaman is also a candidate for the A tier. With his ability to chain attacks, Aquaman is on par with the finest players in the game. His character power, which lets him recover from knockback and avoid combos, is also incredibly valuable. Due to his unique talents, Aquaman is most successful in close range combat, although he may also be useful in the mid-range due to his abilities. As a tank character, Aquaman is the finest fit for the role.

9. Harley Quinn

Quinn’s playing skill ceiling is really high. Her strikes have low precision and are heavily reliant on time. She is adept at putting together efficient combinations and has a great degree of mobility, allowing her to inflict quick, hard-to-block damage. It is Harley Quinn’s biggest strength to have “in a pinch” strikes that can be employed as a solid opponent cancel or a combo string in the last second.

D-tier fighters

Pick these guys if you want to lose and have a bad time doing it.

1. Raiden

A shame that Raiden is such a louse. He may be a lot of fun to play, but he’s terrible in nearly every way. He has a limited range and a modest damage output for his strikes. In addition, he is fairly simple to avoid and has a limited ability to string combinations on his opponents. It’s as if Raiden was intended to be a powerful figure, but when he was coded, he lost all of his impact. Has virtually little chance of succeeding in a ranking competition.

2. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing has a difficult time competing in most sports because of his relatively restricted range of motion. His strikes are weak, and his one huge damage attack, like many of his other attacks, can only be used inside a set range and is far too easy to evade. In the long run, he does more harm than good, but not quite enough to compensate for his flaws. Injustice 2’s weakest fighter, to say the least.

3. Enchantress

Despite being a defense-oriented character, Enchantress has just a few genuine devastating strikes in her repertoire. The issue is that all her powerful strikes are far too easy to avoid, and her reliable moves barely hurt. It is often necessary for Enchantress to repeatedly use the same maneuver in order to inflict damage on her opponent. Because her character power does not last very long and does not deliver a lot of damage, it is considered to be one of the weakest companion abilities in the game.

We hope you found our Injustice 2 tier list useful. As a reminder, while some characters are definitely more viable than others, there’s no shortcut to becoming a skilled player. A good player will beat a newcomer regardless of character choice. So, if you love playing as Cyborg, don’t let his status as a B-ranker get you down. In the right hands and against the right opponent, any fighter can be S-tier.

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