How to get MTG Arena daily rewards

Altogether there are 15 daily win rewards that you can get. You earn the most gold within the first four wins with 550 gold, but you don’t get any individual reward card. So just play for the first four wins if you want to maximize for gold.

Beginning with the fifth win you get an Individual Reward Card (IRC) with every other round you win – up to the fifteenth round – meaning you can get a total of 6 cards every day.

When you progress with daily rewards the amount of gold that you win drops to 50 and then 25 gold. In other words after the 4th win, you only stand to win 200 more gold out of the total 750 gold. For the XP rewards that go towards your Set Mastery progress, you earn 25 XP for the first 10 wins of the day, for a total of 250 XP per day.

It mostly doesn’t matter which game mode you choose to do play in, but there are a few exceptions where daily rewards won’t count: Play with a non-standard legal deck, Direct Challenge, and Bot Matches.

Individual reward cards explained

The cards that you can get are uncommon standard-legal cards where there is an equal chance to get them from each standard set. The uncommon cards can upgrade to a rare card with a 1:10 chance and then the rare card has a chance to upgrade to mythic rare with a chance of 1:8.

MTG Arena daily rewards list

Below you can find all the daily rewards in MTG Arena. In addition to this, you can check if any new promo codes have come out for extra XP, cards, and gold. Keep in mind that the daily rewards in MTG Arena are reset at 3 AM PST (2 AM PST at summer saving time), the official server time.

Win NumberIndividual Card RewardGoldMastery XP
Total6 cards750 gold250 XP