Slope unblocked games — how to play at school or work

Learn how you can play this ultra-popular endless runner even when it's blocked at school or at work.

Slope is a simple but addictive arcade game that offers a quirky twist to the endless runner format. The player steers a giant, metal ball as it rolls down an ever-changing track, avoiding obstacles and falling off the track’s sides and into the endless pit below. The easy controls and intuitive gameplay has made Slope a favorite among casual gamers looking for the perfect lunch break distraction.

In fact, Slope is so good at stealing minutes out of your day that many offices and schools have blocked it. Fortunately, there are websites that host “unblocked” versions of the game — versions of Slope that can be played even through your school or work network. In this article, we’ll talk you through how you can find and play Slope unblocked today.

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Where can I play Slope unblocked?

There are several places on the internet that host a version of Slope Unblocked on their servers. Our favorite has to be Unblocked Games WTF, which has hundreds of your favorite web games (and a few of the best Android titles, too!), all unblocked and playable on your school or work connection.

You can play Slope unblocked right now by clicking on this link.

How do I play Slope?

Just use your mouse to click and drag the rolling ball left or right.

Maneuver the ball to avoid the obstacles and hit ramps that allow you to leap over long chasms.

Collect the Diamonds you encounter on the track. Diamonds are the game’s currency and can be spent on new balls or to advance to new stages.

The goal is to survive for as long as you can!

Slope unblocked tips & tricks

Want to go for a new high score? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get there:

1. Your run is more important than any Diamond

There are times when a grouping of Diamonds will be situated somewhere dangerous — right ahead of an obstacle or near a hard-to-dodge pit. If you’re too far away to safely grab them, it’s always better to skip them.

In Slope, a single poor decision or slow reaction can end your run. So, while Diamonds are important for advancing in your run and buying new balls, don’t put yourself in danger for them.

2. Use your hangtime to plan your next move

Slope is full of ramps and jumps that will send you launching through the air. These are the safest moments in any run because you don’t have to worry about dodging obstacles or maneuvering around pits. Use this time to take a deep breath, reset your emotions, and prepare for the track ahead.

Just make sure that you stick your landing!

3. Don’t move any more than you need to

The tracks in Slope are constantly changing, twisting, and winding. Don’t let the twists and turns get to you! Oftentimes, you don’t have to maneuver your ball to follow every curve and bend.

For instance, if you’re in the air and you see a curving track ahead of you, just position yourself to where you need to be when you land; don’t waste your time trying to match all the curling turns.

We hope you enjoyed our explanation of Slope Unblocked WTF. We’ve covered how to find and play the game, as well as offered up a few tips and tricks to help you become a Slope master. Good luck!

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