Among Us character — White, Red, Pink & other colors

Here's the full scoop on every Among Us character in the game

If you’ve got a smartphone and a pulse, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours playing as the portly Among Us characters. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself who these quirky characters are, really? And what the heck are they doing out in space in the first place?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got all the fun facts about every single Among Us character here in this handy guide. From their names to who they work for, we’ve pored over pages of descriptive text and official posts to give you all there is to know about these bean-shaped heroes.

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Who are the Crewmates in Among Us?

Among Us lore is scarce and subtle, but we’ve uncovered a few nifty facts about the crewmates and what they’re doing out in the depths of space.

We know from the Submit Scan task that all the crewmates are identical. This task reveals that all crewmates are exactly 3’6″ tall and weigh 92 lbs. Considering the sci-fi setting, this suggests the crewmates are clones, or at the very least, siblings.

Certain tasks allude that the crewmates are heading home from a research mission. According to the game’s official description, players must work together “and return back to civilization,” meaning they’re heading back from whatever mission they were doing. The game’s second map is set in MIRA headquarters, which is evidence that the crewmates work for an organization called MIRA. We also know from the Upload Data and Process Data tasks that the crewmates are taking artifacts and samples with them. This suggests the crew is hauling home treasures collected on a recent mission.

What are they studying? If we look at the file names used in the Upload Data task, we can see that the crew’s research has something to do with geology and alien specimens (e.g. specimen_data.tiff, minerals_data.dat). The samples they’ve taken on board include bones and animal fossils.

What is the story in Among Us?

Let’s take a look at all the maps and the order in which they were released. The descriptions provided by Innersloth suggest that the maps take place in chronological order within the Among Us timeline.

  • The Skeld
  • Polus
  • The Airship

The Skeld is the name of the spaceship where we first met our intrepid space adventurers. As described earlier, the crewmates are heading home from a research trip.

The second map is MIRA HQ. The official patch notes suggest that the Crewmates work for an organization called MIRA. But it seems they’ve brought an Impostor with them on the trip home.

Polus is a remote research outpost that the crewmates believe is untouched by Impostors.

The Airship is the game’s largest map and is based on the Toppat Clan’s airship in the Henry Stickman series. This map doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the overarching lore of the Among Us universe.

If we take the first three maps to be in chronological order based on the release date, the general story of Among Us goes like this:

  1. The Crewmates were conducting research on alien life and geology on some distant planet.
  2. Either they were attacked by Impostors during the mission and hurriedly boarded The Skeld in a panic, or they completed their mission and returned to The Skeld not knowing they had taken an Impostor on board.
  3. The Crewmates took data and samples from the mission aboard The Skeld and began the long trip home to MIRA headquarters.
  4. One or more Impostors were revealed during the trip, but the Crewmates safely made it home to MIRA HQ.
  5. After the long trip, the Crewmates decided they would rest at headquarters for a bit. However, Impostors had somehow infiltrated their home.
  6. In their search for a location far away from the Impostors, the Crewmates decide to conduct their next mission on the planetary outpost of Polus.

What is the Impostor in Among Us?

The original Innersloth website states the Impostor is an alien and a parasitic shapeshifter. Impostors at a glance are indistinguishable from your regular Crewmate, but their kill animations show that what looks like a spacesuit is actually part of their physical bodies. The Crewmates spend the entire game either fleeing Impostors or attempting to find a place that is free from Impostors.

One way of winning as the Impostor is by cutting of oxygen on The Skeld, which implies that Impostors don’t need oxygen to survive.

Impostors have super vision. When playing on the default settings, Impostors have 1.5 times the vision range of regular Crewmates. Additionally, when the lights are out, their vision is unimpaired, meaning Impostors can see in the dark.

Vitals readings on Polus and The Airship show that Impostors have the exact same heartrate as regular Crewmates.

What are the Among Us character names?

The Crewmates are identified by their colors and don’t have names. At the time of writing, there are 18 different colors in Among Us — 17 of them are selectable, 1 is not selectable. Here’s the full list of the selectable colors:

Color IDName

Fortegreen is the default Crewmate color. All Crewmates begin as Fortegreen until they’ve selected a color. You cannot pick Fortegreen as your color.

In April 2021, a tiebreaker vote between Coral and Olive was held to decide the new Among Us color. Coral won and was included in the game. Olive is not available in Among Us, but images of the color can be found online.

Are the Among Us characters human?

Most players assume that the Among Us Crew are all human, but that may not be the case.

As mentioned earlier, the Crewmates are all 3’6″ tall and weigh 92 lbs. That’s both shorter and lighter than your average human adult, though it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the Crewmates are human children or dwarfs. Since they’re all physically identical, the Crewmates may be genetically engineered beings designed to conduct research tasks.

Admittedly, there isn’t much conclusive evidence for or against the notion that the Crewmates in Among Us are human. Based on what we know, we’re leaning toward the idea that they’re not. Until we get more clues — or Innersloth makes a statement on the matter — we’ll never know.

That’s all the info we have about every Among Us character. Innersloth have done a great job of fleshing out their world, using subtle environmental hints and simple text descriptions to infuse its characters with personality.

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