Among Us pets — every cute companion in the game

This is every single pet Among Us pet and how you can get your hands on them.

Pets are a fairly common sight in your average game of Among Us — they’re those cute little critters that trot about on the heels of other players. Wandering the hallways of spaceships and remote outposts is lonely work, and with Impostors about masquerading as Crewmates, it can be a scary experience, too. The various pets and companions available in Among Us will accompany you through every data upload and card swipe, and they’ll be right there by your side when the Impostor’s knife eventually finds you.

If you’ve ever asked yourself what pets are for and where to get them, we’ve got the answers you’re looking right here in this guide to Among Us pets. There’s even a handy list of all the pets in Among Us at the end of this article, for reference.

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What are Among Us pets?

In Among Us, pets are one of six types of cosmetics that you can equip onto your in-game character. Pets are a visual effect and do not affect gameplay in any way. Unlike the other five cosmetic types (hats, visors, nameplates, and skins), pets cannot be obtained for free and must be purchased from the in-game store. You can only have one pet equipped at a time.

Since acquiring a pet involves you spending your hard-earned money, you want to be sure you know what you’re getting. The list at the bottom of this article contains all the Among Us pets currently available in the game and the bundles you need to buy to get them.

How to get Among Us pets

Pets are the only type of cosmetic that cannot be obtained for free — you have to buy them from the in-game store.

You can buy bundles from the in-game shop that each contain two Among Us pets for $2.99/£2.79. Currently, pets cannot be purchased individually.

Which Among Us pet is the best?

The best Among Us pet is Mini Crewmate. Period. Every other pet is fighting for second place. We’re also partial to the adorable one-eyed mutt, Doggy. That silly face, floppy ears, and lolling tongue can melt the coldest heart.

In all seriousness, most of the pets in Among Us are great, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Some pets also work better with certain colors, cosmetics, and skins. It’s good to have a few in the collection so you can swap them out when you feel like it.

List of all the pets in Among Us and where to get them

Have your eye on a specific pet? Or unsure what pet you want to add to your collection? This list has the name of every single currently in the game and the bundle where you can buy it. Check it out.

NameWhere to get itImage
BedcrabBedcrab Pet Bundle
BushfriendMIRA Cosmicube
Charles ChopperAirship Cosmicube
Clank petUnnamed Bundle (only on PlayStation)
Deitied GuyInnersloth Cosmicube
DoggyAnimal Pet Bundle
E. RoseStickmin Pet Bundle
FrankendogTrick Cosmicube
Glitch PetTwitch Rivals Bundle
H. StickminStickmin Pet Bundle
HamptonAnimal Pet Bundle
HeadslugBrainslug Pet Bundle
Heimerdinger’s PoroArcane Cosmicube
MagmatePolus Cosmicube
Mini CrewmateCrewmate Pet Bundle
Ro-BotCrewmate Pet Bundle
SnowballPolus Cosmicube
SquigBedcrab Pet Bundle
Toppat ChopperAirship Cosmicube
UFOBrainslug Pet Bundle

That concludes our guide on Among Us pets. They may not make you a better Crewmate or Impostor, but we’re sure you’ll agree that they really liven up the game!

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