Among Us skins — every outfit and how to get them

Learn all there is to know about the weird and wild skins in Among Us.

One of the best mobile multiplayer games you’re likely to encounter is Innersloth’s popular social deduction title, and that’s in part because of its entertaining personality. When it comes to customizing your character in Among Us, you’ll have just as much fun as you do when you’re playing in a high-stakes battle.

Among Us skins are available in a variety of styles and colors. Everything you need to know about them is right here in this guide, and we’ve even created a comprehensive list of skins to make your life a little bit easier. In addition, if you’re just getting started, make sure to check out our primary Among Us tutorial.

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What are Among Us skins?

Skins are one of six types of cosmetics available in Among Us. Skins provide the biggest visual change to your Crewmate character, affecting the torso area of their body. They are available in a variety of themes and styles, from military suits to ballerina tutus. Many skins are designed to be worn together with other cosmetics, though you’re free to mix and match cosmetics as you wish.

Skins are a visual effect and do not affect gameplay in any way.

How to get Among Us skins

Many skins are free and can be found in your inventory from the moment you install Among Us. Others can be obtained for free by participating in special in-game events. Certain skins (and color variants of free skins) must be purchased from the in-game shop with real-world money.

Individual Among Us skins can be purchased for $1.99/£1.99.

Which Among Us skin is the best?

There’s no objective way to measure how good a skin is. However, you can see which skins are clearly favored by the community in regular play. We’re of the opinion that a skin is only as good as the accessories you decorate it with. Some skins work better with certain Crewmate colors, others look best with cosmetics that match their theme.

Personally, we love the Fairy Godcrewmate look. That rainbow-colored tutu juxtaposed against the grave and tension-filled atmosphere of your average Among Us match is one heckuva sight. Our favorite part is its in-game ID, “skin_fairy”, which conjures imagery of a cold-blooded killer stalking the hallways in a tutu sewn from the skin of its victims (yes, we know all in-game skin IDs begin with “skin_”).

List of all the skins in Among Us

NameWhere to get it…Image
Abominal SnowmatePolus Cosmicube
Airship MechanicAirship Cosmicube
AstronaughtFree on all platforms
Big Ol’ Pumpkin PantsTrick Cosmicube
Bling BlingAirship Cosmicube
Business SkirtMIRA Cosmicube
Caitlyn’s UniformArcane Cosmicube
Chaos Containment CrewmateAirship Bundle
Claus, Mrs. ClausSnowbean Cosmicube
Cozy SweaterPolus Cosmicube
Crewbo the ClownTrick Cosmicube
Dark ScientistBought in in-game shop for 300 Beans
Digging KidInnersloth Cosmicube
DoctorBought in in-game shop for 300 Beans
Enforcer ArmorArcane Cosmicube
Fairy GodcrewmateTrick Cosmicube
FlashyFree on all platforms
General GaleforceAirship Cosmicube
Guarding the WallFree on all platforms
HazmateMIRA Cosmicube
Heeeere’s Santa!Snowbean Cosmicube
Heimerdinger’s SuitArcane Cosmicube
I Vant to KeelTrick Cosmicube
I Want my MummyTreat Cosmicube
I’ll Fix ItFree on all platforms
Ice to Meet YouPolus Cosmicube
Inmate 2112Airship Cosmicube
Jacket UpPolus Cosmicube
Janitorial DutiesInnersloth Cosmicube
Jayce’s Council SuitArcane Cosmicube
Jinx’s ClothesArcane Cosmicube
Keepin it SecureMIRA Bundle
Land HereMIRA Bundle
Officer OutfitFree on all platforms
Pilot’s LicenseFree on all platforms
Policeman OfficerFree on all platforms
Rain DearSnowbean Cosmicube
Ratchet skinExclusive on PlayStation
Right Hand Man: RebornAirship Bundle
Rock SolidPolus Cosmicube
Santa’s HelperSnowbean Cosmicube
Scientific TheoryFree on all platforms
SneakyMIRA Cosmicube
SnowmateSnowbean Cosmicube
Sports Team BLUEInnersloth Cosmicube
Sports Team REDInnersloth Cosmicube
Suited UpFree on all platforms
The FishmongerTrick Cosmicube
The NutcrackerSnowbean Cosmicube
Toppat SkirtAirship Cosmicube
Toppat UniformAirship Cosmicube
UnderminerPolus Cosmicube
Unearthed WondersPolus Cosmicube
Vested InterestAirship Cosmicube
Vi’s ClothesArcane Cosmicube
Whimsy WitchTrick Cosmicube
Your Boughs so GreenSnowflake Cosmicube

That’s our guide to Among Us skins. Now that you know what skins are and where to get them, you can go out and dress your Crewmate up to the nines. Rock the look you love, and don’t forget to color coordinate with your other cosmetics!

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