How to play Texting Simulator — become a pro and win

Our Texting Simulator guide will ensure you have access to all the latest and most efficient devices to become a texting simulator whizz.

Texting Simulator is an adventure simulator game created by Kasius for Roblox. The central gameplay mechanic is (no surprise) texting and as the game wears on, players can get better and more efficient phones and tablets that can further enhance and add to the game’s playability.

Texting Simulator is an addictive and challenging game that has the tendency to be a bit overwhelming or confusing for new players, which is why we have come up with a detailed and complete Texting Simulator guide on how to get better at the game and improve your understanding of it to truly become a Texting Simulator guru.

Texting Simulator game mechanics

By texting, players can earn various in-game currencies, which they can then spend at Shops. Here, players can purchase phones, laptops, tablets, emoji, and backpack skins. There are four main shops in the game:

  1. Phone Shop: the main shop where players can buy phones for Money.
  2. Emoji Shop: where players can buy emoji backpacks for Diamonds.
  3. Tablet Shop: Where players can buy Tablets for Money.
  4. Laptop Shop: Where players can buy Laptops for Money.

The world also features 14 different chests, accessed via several portals. Most of these portals deliver diamonds and money to players, and each requires a different text milestone. These portals include the ‘Jungle Hop Portal’ (which requires 3,000 texts), ‘Lava Escape Portal’ (which requires 1,000,000 texts), and the ‘Dangerous Mine Portal’ (which requires 1,000,000,000 texts to enter). There are also three premium portals – ‘VIP Land’, ‘Diamond Haven’, and ‘Hats’ – which require the respective game pass to access. These game passes are available only by spending Robux, Roblox’s premium inter-game currency.

There are not many quests in the Texting Simulator, but there are a few. These are given by NPCs, giving players a quest that will require the player to find or deliver items. These quests reward diamonds, money, or a device.

Finally, as players battle to grind as many texts as they can, they will work to earn ranks. Ranks are essentially tiers, of which there are five kinds: Starter, Advanced, Legendary, Godly, and Unreal. Each has a different text requirement and helps you to show off your prowess. These begin with ‘Texting Noob’ and work through ‘Universal Communicator’, ‘Nuclear Textsplosion’, and end with ‘Top 1%’.

Texting Simulator codes and freebies

The main tip and trick to becoming a Pro in Texting Simulator is to redeem all the codes whenever they are released as early in the game as you can. This will help you get on the ladder immediately and begin to stand out in the crowd as soon as possible. If you haven’t checked out our Texting Simulator codes article, now would be a great time to check it out. Here’s how you can use the freebies to your advantage:

Texting Simulator codes offer currency. The game has three different currencies, each with its specifications, requirements, purposes, and mechanics. Luckily, promo codes can deliver all three!

  • Money is the first and primary currency. Used to purchase pretty much everything in the game, money can be found primarily in phones and chests, which require different levels of texts to access and refresh every eight hours. For this reason, using promo codes intelligently can be a great way to speed up the process!
  • Diamonds are a secondary currency in the Texting Simulator. You can find these scattered around the map, through chests, and from your devices. Diamonds can be spent at the Emoji shop. Emojis are items that can be added to your texts to give you more reward per click.
  • Bitoneum is another secondary currency. This currency can only be earned by hacking computers and ATMs scattered throughout the maps. You can use Bitoneum to buy Smart Watches, Smart Audio, and Smart Speakers – all items which will boost your efficiency in-game and help you earn more texts per click.

That’s everything you need to know to become a pro at Texting Simulator. If you liked this guide, check out similar guides that we’ve come up with for other Roblox games: Boku No Roblox guide, Bee Swarm Simulator guide, Epic Minigames guide. With all this information, you’ll be topping the leaderboards in every game you try!