How to play Vehicle Simulator — become a pro and win

With our complete Vehicle Simulator guide, you'll be ever racer's worst nightmare!

Vehicle Simulator is a one-of-a-kind game by Summit Studio Games, released on the 8th of August 2014 for user-generated content platform Roblox. This title is unique among Roblox games in that it isn’t some kind of RPG with superpowers, FPS mechanics or manga inspiration. It is essentially an open-world driving game, When you’re in the expansive world you can do whatever you want!

Vehicle Simulator is an extremely popular game on the platform, with an active player community that rarely slips out of the thousands at any one time. Over its lifespan, the game has seen over 600 million visits and has been favorited 3.2 million times. So, the competition can be tough if you don’t know what to do, but don’t worry with our complete Vehicle Simulator guide, you’ll be as good as any professional player out there.

Vehicle Simulator game mechanics

Starting off, players will need to choose from 3 surprisingly awesome and incredibly different starter cars. The Unite Z (once named the Subaru BRZ), the Gauntlet Cantero (which looks an awful lot like a Chevy Camaro) and the Gauntlet Cutterray (which you wouldn’t be wrong to think of as a version of the famous Corvette Stingray.) To do so they’ll need to head to one of the dealerships.

There are seven dealerships in the game, located all throughout Bloxywood. Each sells one of three types of vehicle with several different models of cars, trucks, boats and planes within to choose from.

Land Vehicles

Land Vehicles are the most common in the game, with an option of 65 electric cars, super cards, motorcycles, SUVs and more. Land vehicles can be found at the Auto’s Car Dealership, the Parking Lot Dealership, the Tesla Dealership, the Motorcycle Dealership, the Supercar Dealership and the JDM Imports Dealership. These vehicles range from $5000 to $20,000,000 and include vehicles in a number of ‘classes’. These include: Compact cars, Electric cars, JDM cars, Monster Trucks, Motorcycles, Offroaders, Sedans, Special cars, Sports cars, Supercars and Trucks & SUVs. You can even get your hands on a City Bus with the Transit gamepass, SWAT Van with the SWAT gamepass and the Tow Truck with the Tow Truck gamepass. Land vehicles and cars are important because there are seven races available for this type of vehicle, significantly more than any others.

Aquatic Vehicles

Aquatic Vehicles are vehicles that can only be driven on water, and can be bought at the Aquatic Dealership. Unlike land vehicles and air vehicles, boats are considered to be the least common in the game. This is mostly because they have a rather limited area to drive in and only one race available to participate in, known as the Sea Dash. There are three boats in-game, the $5000 Jetski, the $30,000 Speedboat and the $28 million Yacht.

Air Vehicles

Air Vehicles are the only vehicles that can take to the skies, opening a whole new movement aspect. You can grab a plane or other air vehicle from the Plane Dealership and the BestBargainz Electronics store, which sells drones that can be operated remotely and can capture cinematic shots. Air Vehicles can thus range from $6000 to $1.4 million and include drones, stunt planes, a jet plane and a sea plane.

Players will also start off with some $40,500 cash to buy a new car or modify their starter car. This will start you off on your journey to progressing through Vehicle Simulator, collecting money, upgrading your vehicles and winning races. Some consider Vehicle Simulator a particularly hard game to earn money. But there are some pretty easy ways to earn money too, and some of them involve taking advantage of some of Vehicle Simulator’s best free codes!

Vehicle Simulator codes & freebies

The main tip and trick to becoming a Pro in Vehicle Simulator is to redeem all the codes whenever they are released as early in the game as you can. This will help you get on the ladder immediately and begin to stand out in the crowd as soon as possible. If you haven’t checked out our Vehicle Simulator code article, now would be a great time to check out. Here’s how you can use the freebies to your advantage:

More often than not, you can expect to receive cash from codes. That’s just as well, as they are essential to progress in the game. In Vehicle Simulator, one of the best ways to earn money is simply to drive around. Most vehicles give a certain amount of money-per-mile, with the supercar class giving the most out of them all. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you use the Supercar class as often as you can: if you’re successfully grinding with a Supercar, you can expect to receive $4000 per mile. On the other hand, Electric cars will give $1200 and Sports cars will give $1000.

Alternatively, there are also fourth-wall-breaking tactics to having more money in Vehicle Simulator. Try to use a VIP Server, if you can. It is perhaps seen as a practical move, but removing annoyances and obstacles from your way can be really beneficial. Finally, players could simply buy cash using Robux, Roblox’s premium inter-game currency which can only be acquired by spending real-world money.

However, there are two methods in particular that are especially effective. The first is by redeeming codes, which can often serve as the bridge between you and your next big vehicle purchase. Be sure to bookmark our codes article and revisit it often to check out the latest codes whenever and wherever they come together!

Oh, and the other method? Well, first we’ll need to get you up to date with racing – one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing Vehicle Simulator.

Vehicle Simulator racing

Racing on land is great fun, and one of the best ways to socialize and earn money in Vehicle Simulator. There are currently seven races in the game, each with its own set of quirks and recommended vehicles. Here, we’ll run through them all, noting their compatible vehicles, specific features and, most importantly, cash pay-outs.

Around the World

The Around the World Race is the longest race in Vehicle Simulator, and begins near the Ocean Academy. It’s one of the most popular races in the game, mostly due to the fact that players make a lot of money as they play. This is essentially just a giant lap around the map and has checkpoints throughout to make sure you cover the right route. It has challenging curves and is extremely high-speed. Unlike most other races, ATW races don’t really require a particular type of vehicle – so long as it’s a land vehicle and can handle curves. 1st Place will walk away with $34,000, 2nd Place will walk away with $18,000 and 3rd Place will walk away with $10,000 with a $3,500 participation reward.

The Airport Quarter Mile Race

The Airport Quarter Mile Race is located at the airport and is another of the game’s most popular races – partly due to the fact it’s essentially right next to spawn. This is a simple lap around the Airport and race towards a transparent yellow block that represents the finish line. Many more advanced players consider the Airport Quarter to be not even a real race. This is partly because 1st Place will only walk away with $2500 and 2nd Place only $100. But despite this, it’s important to remember that this race exists. It can be a great way to test out your vehicles and get started with racing even when you’re on a brand new save.

The Highway Race

The Highway Race is another popular race that is extremely lucrative because even participation will ensure you walk away with $10,000. Any vehicle can manage this race, but there are a selection of modifications that are recommended for success, including the Ludacris Engine, Rocket Fuel, Quad Turbocharger and Racing Shocks. In the 1 lap race, 1st Place will earn $20,000, 2nd Place will earn $15,000 and 3rd Place will earn $10,000.

The Race Track

The Race Track is located in the north of the map, but it is not a race that’s very common to participate in. This is because, while it is extremely popular with vetern players, most newbies will avoid it because it’s hard to complete, usually played only in Drift and Grip cars, and you can only earn money if you place 1st or 2nd: $7500 for 1st Place and $4500 for 2nd. It’s a shorter map than most, but the emphasis on drift (and staying on the track) means it usually lasts longer than the Highway Race.

The Mountain Loop

Mountain Loop is one of the newer races: a rather twisty race through the mountains which begins around the Bloxywood Mountain Construction Site, with Drifting and Drifting vehicles recommended. It’s quite a lucrative race to get into, with 1st Place receiving $17,000, 2nd Place receiving $9000, 3rd Place receiving $5000 and the player receiving $1700 just for participating.

Drag Races

Drag Races are the most popular type of race in the game, where players go to socialize more than earn the big bucks. Drag races are unique in that players cannot collide with one another. Because Drag Races are less about skill and more about fun, they are extremely polarising 1v1s. In the Airport Quarter Mile, 1st Place will receive $2500 and 2nd Place will receive $100. There is also the regular Quarter Mile Race, where 1st Place will receive the $2500 and 2nd Place will receive $200.

The Hill Climb

Finally, Hill Climb is one of the newest races in the game. Unlike other races, it isn’t so much a lap or set of laps. Instead, players will begin on the left side and race each other to the top of the mountain. It is one of the hardest races in the whole game. As a result, 1st Place will run away with $5000, 2nd Place will leave with $2500, and 3rd and 4th Place will leave with $1000.

Voila! That’s everything you need to know to become a pro at Vehicle Simulator. If you liked this guide, check out similar guides that we’ve come up with for other Roblox games: Tower Battles guide, Texting Simulator guide, God Simulator 2 guide. With all this information, you’ll be topping the leaderboard left, right and center!